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Hire the Best Candidates Faster With Video Interviewing

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Are You Making These Hiring Mistakes?

“The 5 Most Costly Hiring Mistakes of 2014”

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There is no Better Way

to choose the right candidate, than to see them for yourself. CVirtual harnesses only the most effective and innovative recruiting technologies to ensure our clients receive the highest quality in personalized Professional Placement and Staff Augmentation Services. Our CVirtual Video Interviews™ provide our clients with the latest technology to Preview, Evaluate, and Select the best candidates. We listen to our clients, and we respond to their specific needs. With CVirtual and our Video Interview Platform, you will:

  • Get Well-Qualified Candidates in front of your Hiring Managers in record time.
  • Remove scheduling conflicts.
  • Save your company countless hours interviewing the wrong candidates.
  • Reduce travel and associated costs for your job seekers.
  • Provide your candidates with a company-branded experience before they ever walk through your door.

The CVirtual Video Interview™

Interview your Top Candidates 24/7 from virtually anywhere. See more than just a resume - all from the comfort of your computer or tablet.


Full Service Recruitment and Staff Augmentation Services

Whether you need contracted Staff Augmentation or Professional Placement, our network of experienced staffing professionals will streamline your hiring process to help you land the best candidate with our virtual interviews!

The CVirtual Staffing Network

is the key to finding the right candidate. Our recruiting professionals have specialized knowledge in over 30 different industries. We have the expertise, relationships, and experience to save you time and money.

Customized Candidate Experience

CVirtual’s Video Interviews™ can be fully customized with your company’s logo and specific hiring questions to ensure you get the candidate you want.

The CVirtual Difference

Contact us to see how our technology-based solutions will save your company time and money and find you the perfect employee faster than ever before!

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