The ultimate smart stack

AvidWare offers a complete stack of smart software to enhance mobile, customer success and security, along with comprehensive service offerings.

Ensure great customer experiences with automated and intelligent chatbots
Build engaging applications, edit content and send scheduled notifications
Secure your network and devices with powerful machine learning technology

Smart Chatbot Platform

Creating lasting customer engagements needs to be central to any thriving business. Our smart chat engine utilizes cutting-edge AI to empower rich and lasting customer experiences.  Start by deploying chatbots that never stop working for you and your customer’s success

Popular Features

  • Auto Scheduling
  • CRM Integration
  • Outcome Score

Mobile CMS

Mobile first is now considered a must-have. Considering, it is still very cumbersome to deploy rich cross-platform mobile applications without considerable development. Our mobile CMS allows you to create, edit and publish powerful applications on iOS and Android without any coding needed

Popular Features

  • Quick Templates
  • Device Preview
  • Push Notifications

AI Security Framework

Single-point identification and protection is a thing of the past. With sophisticated attacks, the only sure way to stay secure is by employing an intelligent threat detection solution. Our AI security framework continuously improves and detects sophisticated attack vectors. Securing your network starts here.

Popular Features

  • Behavior Analysis
  • Live Risk Score
  • Risk-based Workflows


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We offer custom training packages and solutions for your team either related to our products or for security or Machine Learning
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The Security landscape is continually changing. We can help ensure your networks and products meet the latest standards in security best-practice and compliance
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