I was just venting my frustration

My sister is bugging me.

It's time for us to talk.

"Do you think Moe is offended because we didn't invite her?" "She probably isn't unhappy because she has so much to do."

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I'll let you talk to him.

What do you and Win have going on tonight?

Something extraordinary happened.

Marie believes in life before death.

A genius can sometimes have rude manners.

I won't go to tonight's party if Jelske is going to be there.

I can see why you don't like Pradeep.

Where did you want to take her?

At least you pulled a guy.

It's very unlikely that I'll be adding anything new to my website anytime soon.

He who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning.

At last, I passed the test.

I don't know how old Marcia is.

I could use some support right now.

He had worked hard to keep Kansas peaceful.

They aren't happy to see you.

Her face turned white at the news.

I think Twitter is not very popular in Germany. 140 characters is approx two words in German.

Let me take you to someplace where you'll be safe.


My father will retire at 60.

I see now that I was mistaken.

I could use some help here.

I was tired, so I went straight to bed.

There were some men eating their lunches under the trees in front of the library.


Am I going to have to do this by myself?

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We don't have room for you.


She bit him.

Some humans believe that there exists a god who is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.

Transformation is birth and death at the same time.


The main purpose of propaganda is to convince no matter what.

Set the table at once.

We had a terrible time.

The boy splashed about in the tub.

Every cock crows on his own dunghill.

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"Zelda, today I want salami, falafel, pizza, bacon, curry, porridge, vegetables, olives, potatoes, chips, corn, Tic Tacs, muffins, bananas, fish, turkey, chicken, cake, and wheat thins for dinner. So what's for dinner?" "He he, nothing, Father!" "Shut the hell up, you piece of crap, do you mean I'm not eating dinner?!" "Yeah, we got a new king. It's Ganon!" "You are my prisoner!" "Oh crap."


He is a jack of all trades.


I want to be certain you are who you say you are.

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Wayne has just arrived here.

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Judge has long eyelashes.

What's the last thing you were ever happy about?

It sure scared me.

The alarm rang and everyone had to evacuate.

Is it true that your family will travel in Hokkaido? I envy you.

Everyone in the room burst out laughing when they saw Henry slip on the banana peel.

I don't know exactly what the problem is.


Tigger went on working.

I saw her go inside.

The witch cursed the poor little girl.

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I ate a samosa.

The garden needs to be weeded.

I wonder when this building was constructed.

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Suzan has already finished the work that he needed to do.


Why is that critical?


I'll be back by six.


His body showed every mark of his strength.

Have you been to the heart of Europe?

What is your preferred pronoun?

Patrice is very friendly to us.

He is able to run faster than I am.

You should have known better than to go out in the rain without an umbrella.

A religion that uses fear as a motivator is not a good religion.

I think that could be arranged.

Are you going to eat here or do you want us to wrap it?


I'm convinced that my daughter will pass the exam.


Are you still thinking that you'd like the job?

This spring, I plan to start taking Mondays off.

I wrote a song about Tatoeba.

Earnie was obviously angry.

I eat cornflakes for breakfast.


He refused to do much campaigning.

The woman is on top of the table

Amigo just got divorced, too.


What've you found?


Somebody poisoned us.


He's lied to me in the past and I don't trust him.

We are having a whale of a time.

Ramneek wanted proof.

Keep your promises.

You're sexy, trust me.

He went all the way to see her, only to find she was away.

Sofoklis bought presents for his family on his trip and was slugged with excess baggage costs on the return flight.

Which countries have developed significantly during the past ten years?

They are going.

Manavendra is hunting for a job.

We're aware of that.

I've never felt like this before.

Why should I apologize to you?

Jerrie is looking for a place to live.

Lui is someone we can trust.

I might have already paid.

It was cathartic to finally watch him get the scolding he deserved.

We'll be back next year.

I go to bed very early.

Harvey said he didn't know who Theodore's boyfriend was.

Let's go hiking next weekend.

I'm sorry, I don't recognize you.

We have work to do, remember?

I used to play badminton, but I do not any more.

This dog is a crossbreed.

The temperature rose every day for a week.

I have to warn Robin about what might happen.

I thought I told you to clean your room.

It's been known to happen.


That's my goal.

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Kieran makes delicious cookies.

Marek has no self control.

Is Mexico a signatory to the Geneva Convention?

I'm going to kill Mosur!

My son here will help you out.

I know a great Italian restaurant on Park Street.

Justice is expensive.

A common misconception about Christopher Columbus is that he once impressed a tribe of natives by predicting the lunar eclipse. The truth of the matter is that he CAUSED it.

Her son is sure to succeed.


I kissed him on the cheek.


The cat is writing a book.

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Harris had a good teacher.

They have nothing to eat.

A corpse was found at the bayou just yesterday.

What was it you asked them?

It's small of you to speak ill of your friends.

I saw Graham while I was waiting for Raja.

Could you turn down the music a little?

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Po probably knows where we can get something to eat around here.

I had to carry Patrick to bed.

The problem perplexed him.


She is very smart, and what is more, she studies hard.

It is necessary to secure financing for local road maintenance.

You will have to come tomorrow.

Hui does a pretty good job concealing his pain.

Have you lost your reason?

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A plastic dish will melt on the stove.

You must be very special.

I know it's difficult.


What's happened?


Put medicine out of the reach of children.

I was at my best after a good sleep.

The last chapter of this book.

I'm going to kill her.

You're really a good driver.

The baby waved its legs in the air.

Evelyn is a member of the First Nations.

The gang is all here.

Bjorne is likely to arrive before 2:30.


I've been trying to explain to Connie that he can't keep coming in here without permission.

I remember mailing your letter yesterday.

I wonder if Gail still likes Nanda.

The books were taken away by the students.

He's always at odds with his boss.

She went out for a walk.

The fire fighters put out the fire.

What the church can't prohibit it blesses.

Tell them I'm innocent.

You're going to wait, right?

We hope the next 20 years will be even more successful for all of us.

Today's dinner is fish.

I bumped into him.

Byron has practiced medicine here for thirty years.

I'm no longer afraid of her.

You are not the owner of this save data. You will not be able to save your progression. Trophies will be disabled.

Kieran is simple.

Hubert usually gets up at 6:30.

Tell Tommy he can't go.