Queen Elizabeth I passed away in 1603.


Argh! My computer froze up again.

Lincoln agreed that all slaves should be freed.

You're forgetful.


Who gave him that recipe book?

I panicked when I read that they expect big protests in Riyadh today, but then my wife reassured me, saying that she had just bought two bottles of olive oil, ensuring our living standard for months, even if oil prices were to explode.

I need to meet more Peruvian friends.

This isn't hard.

I didn't confront them.

Stop being so naive.

You're always so worried about what other people think.


He sang at our request.


Did you do yesterday's homework?

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I want to find out where Julianto went last week.

I like it that way.

Do your parents know that you're pregnant?

Sergei didn't know Will was such a good cook.

He is not so much a poet as a novelist.

Isn't she a little young?

It wasn't fun.

We need your key.

Eternity exists. It exists here...

OK, so that's it for me. Now I'll hand things over to the next speaker.

The man sitting over there is a famous singer.

I've found out what's been happening.

Ambition is the germ from which all growth of nobleness proceeds.

I'm going outside to play. Are you coming with?

Monica doesn't study a lot.

If I wanted to scare you, I would have told you about what I dreamt about a few weeks ago.

Carole was surprised how easy it was to do.

I thought you'd never call.

You're three centimeters taller than me.

I can't take my eyes off of you.

Among our friends, there are Serbs and Croats and Muslims.


Why are you trying to hide your feelings?

It's unlikely that he'll want to get involved.

"Haven't we met somewhere before?" asked the student.


Toerless never gave me any money.

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Discover a new world.


To master English is difficult.


Come and see me any time you like.

This is all I have to say.

You must be mindful of your family responsibilities.

I speak English every day.

They come to collect the mail at three in the afternoon every day.

The president-elect's cabinet selection process appeared in disarray, even as his fawning acolytes disputed multiple news reports of backbiting, vendettas, infighting and persistent, bitter acrimony. With the constantly ongoing palace intrigue, it was difficult to know for certain who was in charge.

Gunter needs a vacation.


He has two sons that don't go to school yet.


Ozawa had been demobilized from overseas and had just arrived this night into his hometown, Osaka, but he had heard rumors on the train about bandits roaming in the postwar cities and suburbs.

It's really not that hard.

She is handicapped by poor hearing.

The girl was sobbing in the corner of the schoolroom.

I think you need to figure this out on your own.


Today it is snowing.


He didn't trust his brother enough to confide in him.

Roland was too surprised to talk.

I have a metal table.

Is there no alternative?

Little did I imagine that my plan would go wrong.


As is often the case with him, he made a mistake.

I saw him wash the car.

You are free to go out.

Dewey, you traitor!

She flapped at the fly with a newspaper.


A cat ran across the street.

Would you please tell this gentleman who I am?

That's why we need to talk.

It took me several hours to iron all your shirts.

I'm getting bad vibes from him.

Wolfgang climbed Mt. Fuji a few years ago.

I would've done it, but you beat me to it.


I saw the girl.

Why would she lie?

Thank you, sir.

Tell him in person.

The doctor advised him not to smoke.

It's amazing I'm still alive.

They made a good point.


Price told me to get lost.

Don't let him do it by himself.

Adrian and I were ill in bed yesterday.

Bill is not tall like you.

I don't remember!

Thursday morning is great for all of us.

I think Takeuchi is about thirty years old.

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I'm not working your land.

His car remained locked.

I'm really sorry about this.

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Could I have some help, please?

Corey attacked Tobias with a knife.

The DA wants me to testify against Theo.

You know I want to know it.

A man was found dead between the bushes.


I eat and drink fruit and water.


I need to ask you for a little favor.

I just spoke to her over there.

I especially like your chocolate cake.

I always have trouble pronouncing that word.

In the last analysis, methods don't educate children; people do.

Michelle is about a head taller than me.

Father stopped drinking.


Do you approve that?

Read each text and choose the best answers for the questions below it.

We'll be back here next week.

I can speak both English and Spanish.

I'm not leaving Theodore behind.


Why did you bring them?

Many new teachers feel ill-prepared to teach basic literacy and numeracy.

I think you've learned a valuable lesson.


That's a beautiful name.


Who was that man waiting outside?

Knut tried hard, but failed.

Well, I just asked him if he knew the time, because my watch has stopped, and he simply bolted.

This book is about China.

Didn't they teach you anything at Harvard?

The door was suddenly opened by Mike.

We'll do better tomorrow.

You should stop playing.

I will go at your house tomorrow.


She stayed up late to finish sewing your dress.

I just think it's funny.

Tal is the manager.

I will introduce you some friends who study German.

The weather here is very unpredictable.


Farmers separate good apples from bad ones.

Stop being such a hard-ass. Come on over.

They haven't finished the work, have they?

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I'll listen to whatever you have to say.

How did she come to know so much about fish?

Our plans went wrong.

I did wrong in trusting such a fellow.

The candle suddenly went out.

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No one knows how it works.

Why don't you ask them that?

He is hard up for money.


Come back and pick me up later.

I was ready for it.

What are we going to tell her?

I bet you're wondering how this works.

Look! That kid is going to fall.

Do you think Andrew really likes Rik?

Andre is going on a picnic tomorrow with Raymond.


To think one is a character is very common in France.

That's convenient, isn't it?

I'm going to find Leslie.

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We paid an invoice of more than one thousand dollars.


I was chosen as a member of the team.

The population of Canada is about 26 million.

Carol knew immediately that something was wrong.

Children wear you out.

I arrived two weeks ago.

You gave me a fright.

A girl came running, with her hair streaming in the wind.


I don't want you to scare Pontus away.

You were supposed to be with Anderson yesterday afternoon.

She's usually a lot nicer than this.


It sounds like a dream.

Is Rainer in your class?

Don't give up like that.


I call on him sometimes.

I think it's appropriate.

What is there in your bedroom?