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Hello. My name is Jean Assy and I’m​ a​ full stack PHP developer. I program various types of CMS equipped websites​ and provide system administration services​ that are fully secure and user-friendly​.

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Jean Assy

Web & Mobile Developer

​​Hello. My name is Jean Assy and I’m a Web & Mobile Developer. During my eight years of experience working as a full stack PHP developer for reputable companies like​ Elnashra, IRIS graphic, SYNC, Coddict, Moli​pPlus and others, I’ve successfully managed to​ program​ ​various types of websites (including​ ​e-commerce)​ equipped with CMS​, master the ​Symfony framework, ​​and provide system administration services.

My practical knowledge of penetration testing has also allowed me to study and detect vulnerabilities in possibly compromised sites​ ​and in turn avoid them in my own work, which is why every site that I build myself is always ​fully secure and guaranteed.​

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