Danny helped me do my homework.

I'm a nice guy.


I want the same dictionary that your sister has.

The last chapter of this book.

Spencer told me that he would never go back to Boston.


Brandy acted as my guide.

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I heard them gasp.

He and his mother went shopping.

I will kill you.

We need to be responsible.

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.

He won't hurt you.

My father was very strict.

It's eleven and he's not coming.

At the games they were sold by men who kept them warm in hot-water tanks.


I want to have a word with you before you leave.

She has nearly no close friends.

Manuel asked Suwandi some stupid questions that she refused to answer.

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Ron can't remember when Johnathan moved to Boston.

I think Bertrand has been trying to impress me.

My friend is studying Korean.

We searched the woods for the missing child.

She ran away with tear-filled eyes.


Pratapwant didn't know what was going on.


Hi, how are you, everyone?


She always cries when she chops onions.

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I guess it's possible.

Rafik and Teri are our best customers.

Brenda wants to meet with you to discuss the matter.

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My father often told us about his school days.

Hey, don't be so hard on yourself.

I probably never will come here again.

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This question is not easy.

Mom is older than Dad.

I'll keep you company.

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I think Jones will be all right.

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Harvey is very unfriendly.


According to astrology, moon phases influence our lives.

Do you have your guitar with you?

I don't think you want that.


They told me I had to sit in the back of the bus.

I feel a lot better now, but I know Dad's going to be real upset.

The harbor is closed to navigation.

That would be so awkward.

You're always playing computer games.

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She has a bicycle.

I like things the way they are.

Here's the address.


Cats and mice are natural enemies.


Don't spend more than you earn.

I'll let her know you called.

His guilt leaves no room for doubt.

He has no daily necessities, much less luxuries.

I looked around for them.

I told you it was urgent.

Don't you want to get them back?

You're being hunted.

You should get up early.

Poverty is, in a sense, a blessing.

Life in Boston is good.

I'm using this.

There's still time to evacuate.


Are you going to stay with us?

Please keep your eye on my child.

Compare the two carefully, and you will see the difference.


It's very important to know how to let off steam, living in this world.

What if she actually knew everything?

Who trained the trainers?

He regrets having neglected his studies in his school days.

I think he knows about us.

It is going to be rather cool.

Getting used to it will take a while.

You do trust me, don't you?

Everybody had a good time.

Mick said that the box was too heavy to lift by himself.

I was forced to make a bow.

I arrived in Tokyo yesterday.

I'll call the police.

Benjamin wore a long baggy T-shirt.

They sell textbooks at the bookstore.


It'll be up soon.

He has the ability to make a good plan.

Ginny looked at his notepad.


I'll graduate this year, I hope.

From today only healthy food, no more junk food for me!

What else can I show you?

I have no way to know.

I told him to leave.

I just want to find Eileen.

The SS Star of the North was a large schooner-rigged cargo steamer, strongly built of iron in watertight compartments, and of nearly two thousand horsepower.

We were worried something had happened.

Identical twins have different fingerprints.

Vinod jotted down something in his notebook.

They aren't afraid of death.

Glynn now knows that he shouldn't have borrowed money from Case.

Have you ever been to Washington, the capital of the United States of America?


Its sharp claws began to open and close, open and close.

None of us actually saw it happen.

Tai is playing you for a fool.

I think you and Sjouke are more alike than you want to admit.

I think it's a good idea to spend some time apart so you can see each other differently.


I once lived in Boston.

Do I need to sign something?

I'm not sure I really understand this.

Why's Maltese absent from the languages list?

Walt always forgets Curt's birthday.

Make ten copies of that document and bring it to conference room number 1.

I love him with all my heart.

Although no one ever spoke about it, everyone knew that something wasn't quite right.

Rodney worked for an oil company.


The hunger for facile wisdom is the root of all false philosophy.

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We can't just leave them behind.

Quit dragging your feet.

The accident stopped the traffic.

How long do you think Mott will work for us before he quits and goes to another company?

When the full moon, gleaming silver, rises over the horizon, it seems significantly larger than when it has progressed farther on its nightly path, standing high in the heavens. Amazingly, this is an optical illusion.


I'd like to hear that song again.

This handbag is mine.

I'm still waiting for the test results.


I heard that he was very experienced in overseas investments.

I was starting to worry about you.

It's not real.

This is probably a stupid question, but which is stronger, the tiger or the lion?

Anything can happen.

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We need to decide whether to accept or reject your request.

Juliane sensed that something was not quite right.

You're in a lot of trouble.

When was the last time you cleaned the sitting room?

You are doing very well.

Do you guys like writing?

I know that Milo likes jazz.

The cat is sitting on the chair and looking at the meat that's lying on the kitchen table.

I am content with my circumstances.


I, too, am worried about her.

The blind laughs at the lame

She has a slight lisp.

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Could I have some towels?

They sell many types of food and grocery products.

She trusts him with her life.


I had confidence in him.

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Don't worry about your work.

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Am I wasting my time?

She has unruly hair.

The door handle is broken.

What color are the tiles?

That made me mad.


Do you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?

You must have some idea what's going to happen.

I thought we'd be more comfortable here.

The cave was so dark that they had to feel their way.

I admit that I was careless.

This is my mother. Her name is Beatrice.

Manuel never wanted to go with us.


I'd better not eat that.


No matter how hard you may try, you won't succeed so easily.

You will get friends there.

They paid separately.

Kristian didn't approve.

Kitty cannot read yet.

He stayed up all night.

We've been married three years.

How to deal with environmental pollution is a serious matter.

My taking the book is justified by my seeing it.