Sequoia Interoperability Testing Platform (ITP)

A joint collaboration between IHE International, IHE Services, and NIST

Access tools

Support Tools Version Description
2565065249 The Gazelle Test Management Test Bed
6618039571 Assertion coverage management
(630) 688-1074 Generate fake data demographics for testing purpose
Sharing Value Set Simulator Value set repository simulator
Test tools Version Description
(505) 289-6327 External Validation tool services
410-393-8784912-631-5012 Offers web services to validate HL7v2.x and HL7v3 messages exchanged in the context of IHE
910-824-4162850-922-2264 Tool for testing PD transaction
361-666-7979 PKI, TLS Simulators, syslog, and ATNA Questionnaire
XDS Toolkit416-495-0596 6.5.0 XDS Tools 6 configured for RSNA Image Share
6076379404 6.5.0 Access to XDS Tool for Sequoia ITP
484-568-8984 1.1.3-SNAPSHOT Security Token Service used to issue and validate SAML Assertions
Gazelle Webservice Tester Gazelle Webservice Tester
Utilities Version Description
(415) 461-5733 SSO login
Nagios Monitoring Nagios monitoring of services
Documentation Version Description
8013168709 Documentation
347-543-9687 Specifications Document, Technical Framework...
(952) 235-3785 Test patients to be loaded by SUT