Why Sal island


+300.000 visitors

More than 300.000 tourists visit Sal Island every year.

360 sunny days

All year round in Cape Verde there is sun. The temperature in winter is 27° and in summer not more than 32°

+39 Hotels

B & Bs, guest houses, apart-hotels, residence apartments and hotels from 2 to 5 stars.

Why Sal island

The climate

The climate in Cape Verde is tropical dry, with an average temperature that fluctuates throughout the year at around 26 ° C, the temperature range between the maximum and minimum never exceeds 10°C, while the temperature of the sea water varies between 21°C and 26°C. In the mountainous islands like Santiago, Santo Antão, São Nicolau and Fogo the sun dominates almost the entire year, while the short rainy season runs from September to October. Boa Vista, Sal and Maio are offering instead a much drier climate, due to warm winds from the Sahara. Being cyclically subjected to years of drought, which recurs periodically, effect of the drift on the islands of Saharan winds, the water problem has always been the main problem of the archipelago. The rainy season is short, but it is more than sufficient to support a semi-arid climate by nature. Unfortunately, the combination of adverse factors may occasionally cause the dramatic contraction of the rainy season, or in some years the total disappearance. The adoption of modern techniques in irrigation and high efficiency in the recovery water (condensation, desalination, recycling) achieved a marked improvement in the situation, on the other hand the need to support a large population makes it difficult to maintain acceptable during periods albeit rare crisis. The situation is not uniform and are more troubled islands that face the Sahara.

Why Sal island

The religion

The majority of the population professes the Catholic Christian (about 90%). In many areas Christianity has incorporated elements of African animist religion. There are also Protestant Christian communities, as well as Buddhist and some Muslim.

Why Sal island

Things to do

There are amazing places that you just cannot miss! We offer several and multi-lingual possibilities of tours and activities so clients can get to know more about their chosen destination.

Why Sal island


You can enjoy various water sports and land tours, thanks to the extremely clean sea and the wind blowing steadily at a rate of 15/18knt in winter.

Why Sal island

Hotels and accomodations

The island of Sal, has a range of hotels to suit all tastes and all categories. B & Bs, guest houses, apart-hotels, residence apartments and hotels from 2 to 5 stars. The most important hotels are: Hotel RIU (Garopa and Funanà), Hotel Melía (Tortuga Beach and Melía Dunas Beach Resort), Oasis Atlantico (Belorizonte and Salinas Sea) and Hilton to be opened in december 2016. The weekly receptive capacity of the island of Sal is about 15,000 beds.

Why Sal island


Attached, you will find two files in Portuguese, prepared by the Institute of National Statistics of Cape Verde with all the statistics on access to Cape Verde in the first two quarters of 2013. It highlights a steady increase in annual tourism of approximately 5/7%. A decrease of access can be noted in the file of the second quarter, but this decrease is physiological during the summer season which runs from May to October each year. In fact, it is considered peak season (with solvents overbooking of hotels) the period from October to late April. To read more about the statistics please access: www.ine.cv

Why Sal island


Cape Verde is a young country in strong development phase, visiting you immediately realize how much dynamism there is in business, both Cape Verdean and foreign, in the tourism and construction sectors. It is an African country, but with prevailing European culture, a country where, in addition to the European market, are opening up new markets such as China and the Russian and where one of North America still has not arrived. A country where you can still invest. We hope that this information has been helpful and that our approach can be somewhat of your interest, please contact us for a direct and personal approach in order to provide you with further explanations and a possible offer on the costs of our services here in Cape Verde .


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