I'll look you up when I visit New York.

Good catch.

How long has it been!

Miriam is also in the choir.


Fletcher is sprawled out on the couch.

Hand me that wrench.

When I was in high school, I woke up at 6 every morning.


I'm smarter than him.

The weather was beautiful.

I've heard all about it.

Jackye might still be in the hospital.

What's it we're waiting for?

I want more money.

I'm not Catholic.

Wake up.

Could Elizabeth have done this?

I am getting good vibes from this place.

He aspired to be a famous actor.

They eat a lot of rice in Japan.

"We have no doubt his liberality is well represented by his surviving partner," said the gentleman, presenting his credentials.


Why is it important to be at the meeting this afternoon?

When will you start?

Trees put forth young shoots all at once.

You seem to be hungry.

Why are you asking about that?

She is inclined to take a nap.

She comes to visit us every now and then.

You'll have to handle this by yourself.

Do you speak Tigrinya?

Hein wished he could stay in Boston longer.

If you worry too much, you'll go bald.

I have other plans for her.

Want me to show you a really useful hidden command?

Did you kill him?

The sedative is taking effect.


The band featured Miriamne on guitar, Renu on bass guitar and vocals, John on drums, and Alice on keyboards.

I hope I get the chance to meet Elliot.

Dan will be dead next week.

The last time I saw Patricia he was wearing an eye patch.

Listen to your father, Bruce.


I hated Per when we first met.

Don't let her escape!

Where is Banja Luka?

It was inevitable, wasn't it?

Money is needed.

Private companies have been working in conjunction with local communities.

I didn't need to go to Boston.

Consider what effects, that might conceivably have practical bearings, we conceive the object of our conception to have. Then, our conception of these effects is the whole of our conception of the object.

I am more handsome than you.

I'm tired of your everlasting grumbles.

I don't want you knocking on my door at two in the morning.

The Celebes and Sulu Seas separate the Indonesian Archipelago and the Philippines.

He opened the bag's zipper.

Jimmy was standing at the bar, drinking a beer.

It's incredibly frustrating.

Man hopes to master nature with science and technology.

They did not demand better working conditions.

These specimens are divided into several categories.

You don't need to know everything, you just need to know where to search.

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I met up with her on the street.

I don't want to worry you.

Will anybody be at the station to meet me?


How fast he runs!


The art of losing isn't hard to master.

It was not you who ate the cake I made, it was your sister.

I don't think anybody can help me anymore.

I always keep promises.

Ann is exceedingly fond of chocolate.


Is the coach frustrated?


Go to your quarters.

Jason ran past me.

And finally, twelve points to Estonia!

I could hear hoots of laughter coming from the next room.

I think I know someone that might help us.

I wanted to see Irfan, too.

Where did that ship come from?

The shorter the proverb, the more questions.

That isn't going to help you.

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They have much snow in Niigata.

Ron said not to worry about it.

Jeffrey is a very, very lucky man.

Let's go by train instead of by bus.

It's better not to take candy from strangers.


I don't know where I put my keys, but I left them in here somewhere.

I know I probably don't say it often enough, but I love you.

Guillermo's house was destroyed by a hurricane.


He told me that would come again.

You know, she's holed up in her house.

You got here too early.


Some people listen to music when writing, but others say it hampers their productivity.

I'll give him a buzz.

Bruce hasn't eaten yet, has he?

It is strange that she should go home so early.

This girl is wearing a burkini.


Jacobson doesn't know where Ji comes from.

He called it unfair.

We're in the same class.

My sister is older than my brother.

You can't help Shawn anymore.


Sal warned Lenny not to go there with John.

Did Marika speak Swedish?

I'm following my passion.


I bet that translating this text will be really easy.

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Al has guts.


Let's not stand on ceremony.


He is Chinese?

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The river has its origin in the Japan Alps.

You can accelerate as much as you want, but since the car's in neutral, we won't be going anywhere.

My right foot is sleeping.


What happens if we fail?


She has baked a cake for lunch.

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I never see this picture without thinking of my young days.


The princess fell in love with the prince instantly.

Seymour became a pastor.

Gunter is extremely outgoing.


Their plane crash-landed in a dense jungle.


Who else is gone today?

How shall we deal with the problem?

Even Gregge couldn't blame Julian for everything.

You were the last person in the office. You should've turned off the lights.

In November of 1963, Valentina Tereshkova married Andrian Nikolayev. He was also a cosmonaut. Their daughter, Elena, was born in 1964.

I'm going to Boston with her.

This looks like a good spot for fishing.

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The Middle East is still called a powder keg.


Can I get your opinion on something?

I envied John. He not only attracted the unadulterated attention of every lady within his immediate vicinity, his educational performance was world-renowned as the cream of the crop.

When there are no men around, the night is kinda scary.

Can you do anything to help me?

This is too important to overlook.

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Mark Twain said, "All generalizations are false, including this one."

He told a bedtime story to his son.

Everything comes to an end sometime.

Blair wears silk neckties.

Emotion counts above vocabulary in verbal communication.

I'll believe it when I see it.

The sausage sat long on the grill, and got burned.


My voice was ignored in the discussion.

The boy grew up to be a great statesman.

The whole island was a wasteland of ice, whipped by freezing storms, and bleached skeletons were the only signs of the life that had once been there.


Why didn't you tell me what happened?

I can't cope with this task.

I found them lying on the artificial grass.

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You have to take off your shoes before entering houses.


Do you come here often?

Here is the location of the prototype.

I couldn't sleep last night. I coughed a lot.


The dog buried a frozen burrito in the yard, but only halfway into the ground.

If you mix all three colors, you will get black.

You can't see her.


She was present at the party.

Why are you always whining?

I do not feel like walking.

I know Carsten will love it.

They took the subway.

I hope this nice weather will last.

The mind should be developed along with the body.


Does the end justify the means? That is possible. But what will justify the end?

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I know what you've been through.


The clouds are getting darker and darker and it's beginning to look like it might rain.


I'll write or phone you next week.