(618) 709-6579

I still want to get this site off the ground…it will be mostly the same type of posts as I put on facebook….just under my control, in my house.

This is a live site

This site is check most day so…. ICU..lol               

Last day using Facebroke and Google.

I am so sick of the hacking and crap….and then all the humans! lol So thats it, I’ve set up my own servers to do my own thing.  

Missing Owner…

This site is not abandoned….I’m just lazy, and busy…making more servers I’m not going to use.

(619) 504-3305

  ok some times I wonder if this is fixed?   wwe style?  

(831) 844-3408

I am working on the live chat….if it’s green it’s on, but I might be sleeping. I will get back to you.

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