A good idea came into my mind.

You can't tell us what to do.

I wonder why Izumi is so busy.

How do you explain it?


I appreciate your answering my enquiry so promptly.

The company issued a press release.

I wonder if Vinod is happy.


Don't worry. You'll make new friends.


If it weren't for her help, I would not be alive now.


I don't have a wife.

Many great scientists had thought about absurd things.

Daniel hasn't called me.


The launch, which had been scheduled for this morning, was postponed because of the illness of shuttle Commander John Creighton.


We were burgled once.

Antonella learned Mongolian solely for the "party effect", namely, in order to show off at gatherings.

He went to Osaka on official business.

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He has two daughters, both married.

Phnom Penh was flooded two or three days ago.

Have you ever seen a whale?

In my house, the garden is small.

It makes me really happy that you're here.

Haven't they spoken Arabic?


Hirofumi was impressed by Tammy's skill.

The governor ordered an investigation.

We must make arrangements with them beforehand.

Stop being so nice.

Mike and his sister can speak French, but they can't speak Japanese.

You're looking down.

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You're going to Boston next week, right?

We understand how difficult this must be for you.

When the king came in, the choir began intoning praises.

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Marcia isn't going to be at the conference.


Last year she left Japan.


Flights to the moon were once thought absurd.

Sanjib takes the bus to the city.

I don't like bony fish.


Let me fix us a couple of drinks first.


She felt herself flattered by this compliment.

When she saw me, she was embarrassed.

Mickey seems a little disoriented.

I asked Pitawas if Andries was OK.

You'll thank me later.

What exactly is it?

This is a good book for anyone wishing to learn English.


How many smoke bombs still have to be thrown until the government actually succeeds in covering up the scandal?

It's ironic that one of the most colonialist countries of all times accuses Buenos Aires of colonialism!

Go straight, and you will find the station.


The contents of the wallet were missing.

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Leads doesn't eat beef.

And he calls himself a sniper!

His height is a great advantage when he plays volleyball.

Todd is a gambler.

That's a very seductive idea but you should be careful.


Now is the time for Esperanto, because communication has become vastly more important in the world.


I'll bring you something to eat.

About four years ago my Achilles tendon started to hurt and I was told it was Achilles tendonitis.

He proceeded to the next question.


I don't suppose you'd still have last Saturday's paper?

After her graduation from college, she went over to the United States.

Kimberly lied to Carlo.

And we are fully entitled to hope that within a few years our goal will have been fully attained. The international language will be an accomplished fact throughout the world and the beautiful millennial dream of mankind will have been realized.

It was a horrible idea.

She loved the two sisters like her daughters.

The day is breaking soon.

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Your name was deleted from the list.

O, how thy worth with manners may I sing, when thou art all the better part of me? What can mine own praise to mine own self bring, and what is't but mine own whe I praise thee?

Let's find out more about Vaughn.

He's going to visit his aunt and uncle next month.

How old is the Eiffel Tower?


The organisers of the marathon said that the event would go ahead, regardless of the weather conditions.

Let's see what we can find.

Go down the street for about five minutes, and you will see the department store to the right.

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My butt hurts.

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I've got kids.


Kamiya won't give up.


He failed in his attempt to swim across the river.

Hopefully we too will go to Beijing.

Clyde wanted to ride Kathy's motorcycle.

Speak English with him.

Anything will be fine.

There's going to be a downpour.

Watch your toes.

You're pretty good with the lay of the land.

My mom gets out of bed before me.


The spirit of the treaty was ignored.

I want to take you out to dinner tonight.

Saul's terrific.

I'm staying with Nicholas.

Too much drinking may be hazardous to your health.

Nikolai walked quickly down the corridor.

You shouldn't take those things for granted.


It's cold in here.

He never referred to the incident again.

My mother tongue is Spanish.

I'm going to be late for school!

"Is he seriously ill?" "I hope not."

Make haste, or you will be late.

Hurf painted a picture of his mother.


You don't really think Sean tried to cheat you, do you?

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I want to buy a pack of cigarettes.

The townspeople looked curiously at me.

My inbox is full.


This may take a minute.

Obey your parents.

Do we have something to celebrate?

I can't bear that fellow.

She's your regular workaholic.

We have to get the hell out of here.

Why is it so important to be there today?


Harvey has already told me about it.

No, it wasn't him.

Don't you know her?

Write the amount on the check in letters as well as figures.

With that, you make our situation even worse.

I own one cat and one dog.

Tomiko guessed my weight.


Could you turn off the radio, please?


Please drop me off at the station.

What was that noise?

OK, what's the secret?

"What day of the week is it?" "It's Wednesday."

Some animals can sense the coming of a storm.


He is always reading.


He raised his eyebrows.

The suspect is a caucasian female.

We want to help you.


He saved the baby at the cost of his life.

What do you drink for breakfast? Tea or coffee?

The TV picture was blurred.


I bought ice-cold water.


How often do you stay up past 1:00am?

He's a general practitioner.

The workers' demands centered around overtime pay.

Write your answers with a pencil.

I guess Roy got our message.

I'd like to ask Saqib what his thoughts are.

Fog was a familiar sight in London.

There aren't any bullets in this pistol.

Why didn't you listen to me?

I have to memorize these hunded English vocabulary words by tomorrow, but I wonder if there's any possible way.

It is surprising how little she knows of the world.

The first will be the last.

Not a soul was to be seen on the street.

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I thought you liked me.

During the 20th century, Manchukuo was a puppet state.

The truck carried a load of furniture.


Rainer will forgive you eventually.


Morton is afraid of Theo.


I think I got everything.

Japan stood with the United States at the U. N. Assembly.

Jurevis read the note.

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Caleb doesn't seem to know how to do anything on his own.

What have you been up to?

I am a journalist of the highest standards and integrity. I hate dishonesty.


These stories are very interesting to me.