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Your exploration-focused geoscience partner

Discover Geoscience is a privately-owned, exploration-focused geoscience team based in Perth. Building on a history of working with operators, explorers and contractors, we provide a full spectrum of technical studies and evaluations.
At region, basin or asset level we apply traditional and advanced geophysical techniques to maximise understanding of the geological setting and associated project risks. We have undertaken projects in Australia, the Asia Pacific, Norway and the Americas, both onshore and in shallow and deep water environments.
High-impact expertise and products enable critical corporate decisions in a timely and effective manner. Our flexible business model allows access to a range of services at attractive commercial terms.

Finder Exploration

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Now is the time to explore!

Finder is a successful privately owned oil and gas company based in West Perth, Australia. The company was founded in 2004 by Jan Ostby and Odd Arne Larsen and has secured and operated a total of thirty petroleum Exploration and Production Permits in Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica and the United Kingdom to date.
Finder creates value through leveraging relationships, data access and knowledge to capture and develop “high impact” oil and gas exploration acreage. We are aggressive and decisive in our pursuit of opportunities and identify like-minded joint venture partners to help develop drillable prospects.

Searcher Seismic

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Searcher Seismic is an independent multi-client company providing high quality, non-exclusive seismic datasets and associated products to the global oil & gas industry

The Searcher data library consists of a full range of products derived from both 2D / 3D seismic reprocessing and 2D / 3D seismic acquisition. Searcher’s extensive experience in the management of seismic acquisition and processing in a variety of geological settings makes us the data provider of choice for some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world.

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