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Founded by leading surgeons, Air Force pilots and technology enthusiasts, Nodus Medical offers an aviation-inspired, tech-enabled workflow solution along the entire journey of a surgical procedure. The solution helps surgical teams reduce expensive complications and administrative overload by bringing a voice controlled digital assistant for procedures into the operating room.

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It is a cold cloudy day and one feels that this year’s summer is definitely coming to an end. We

Everything Surgeons Need

Pre-operative Planning

Plan your procedures from scratch or from fully customizable templates shared with a community of your peers. Work with your team to ensure that the right equipment, instruments and implants are there before any procedure starts.

Adapt your planning to each specific patient to reflect individual differences and make sure the team is best prepared. Last but not least, review the latest relevant research to enable you to easily stay up to date.

Intra-operative Navigation
Intra-operative navigation

Intuitively navigate through your procedure through the same convenient touch and voice control that you’re used to from your personal devices. Create transparency at a glance about the current status and the next steps for your entire team. Flag any issues as they happen to make sure mitigating actions happen after the fact.

Post-operative Documentation
Post-operative documentation

Rate your procedure to facilitate learning and experience sharing. Complete your operative report with one click. Review all your previous procedures in your personal library at a glance. Pull your operations log at any time.