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Debbie never spoke to Steven again after that day.

This is so epic.

That's what you should say.

I'm getting tired of the dull game.

I live in Tehran.

Bradley may be in over his head.

A river separates the city into east and west.

That is a high caliber rifle.

After all I couldn't make heads or tails of her story.

My father is busy getting ready for his trip.

Helen wouldn't speak to Soohong.

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I racked my brains for an answer.

Maybe you could draw me a map?

Marie's hiding something from me.

I can't wait till summer.

Mahmoud is going in the wrong direction.

I've seen them.

Each member has to pay a membership fee.

The traveler reached his destination at last.

Hirotoshi is a year older than Douglas.

The station is near the hotel.

We haven't received any help from anyone.

I can't wait to see him.

Please put your weapon on the ground.

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I think that would've been fascinating.

It is very important to add sentences in minority languages to Tatoeba.

It's no use trying to persuade June.


Antonella showed Anderson where to put her umbrella.


Romain turned on the TV, stretched out on the bed, and fell asleep.

Come pick me up.

I'm grateful you could all be here.


Who are you going to the prom with?


Nobody knew where he went.

It is kind of you to talk about it for me.

I'd really love to meet them.

I'm not an expert, so my answer to your question is just an educated guess.

Let me take your temperature.

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Please don't listen to him.

I'm tired. I'm going to lie down.

I'm sick of conferences these days.


We will exempt you from attending.

One that's on my mind tonight is about a woman who cast her ballot in Atlanta.

We had a little problem.

He found them in the pigeon's heads, behind the eyes.

Enemies of enemies aren't always allies.

We know we're capable of that.

Morton was afraid of being laughed at.

Where did you decide to go?

I won't accept your money.

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I know you can rely on him for transportation.

I can see the target.

He left her in town.

The truth is rarely pure and never simple.

Floyd was too fat for Ramsey.

Syed dressed up as a woman.

I will teach you a tough lesson!

The group was planning a bull session to talk about the upcoming party.

Kirsten almost passed out from the heat.


I know how overwhelming it can all get.

It was a short conversation.

I left my baby in her care and went shopping.


Manuel's wife just died.

This blotting paper absorbs ink well.

Though I have decided to go to the party, I'm not looking forward to it.

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Do you take me for forty? You are wide of the mark.

I'll help you raise money for your charity.

I told Louis to check the oil level.

It was a friend of mine who called.

If I had money, I could buy it.

He is busy.

I would like to place an order for the following.

I've heard that Irving asked you to marry him.

Tell me what you did in Tokyo.


Nancy is a pretty good snowboarder.

I have to go meet with him.

Nobody got paid.

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She knows it.

Heidi was clearly interested in Bryan. He was not the only one.

The editor glanced over the manuscript.

You're Canadian, aren't you?

Ronald is a graphic designer.

I regret that I can't come today.

We want to vote.


Although I'm fluent in French, I can't understand Mr Smith's French at all.

I asked the butcher to trim all the fat off of the meat.

Alice wasn't listening to her sister.

There was a bullet hole in the windshield.

I would like to repay your kindness in the near future.

I like the red dress more than the white.

Kelvin and Stuart went camping in the mountains.

Please throw a ball.

You're a romantic.


I'm sure that's not correct.

I need her now.

I won't go to Australia this year.


The picture has already been finished by him.


The sale will be over in two days.


I turned right.


Her acting is on the level of a professional.

Steen tried to protect me.

What's the plan, Harv?

They were always playing.

You said it was urgent.


She accepted the proposal up to a certain point.

It's always better to be prepared.

I have shaved and cut myself.


Food is inside me.

Albert will be waiting for your call.

The woman who wore the white clothes was out to a party.


I think you should go to college.

The hose didn't work.

They are now widely used for communication, calculation, and other activities.


Get off your butt and do something!

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I need to catch up the lost time.

He is familiar with Japanese culture.

Maybe it never happened.

I fastened the box tight with a rope so that it wouldn't break up.

It is the flight from Recife.

I hate to see people enjoying themselves.

Nobody had any idea what was going to happen.

These words came out of the book you have.

Dick tried in vain to solve that problem.


Lawrence is almost as old as my father.

You did warn Bernie, didn't you?

There, in front of him, in a box sat a beautiful woman. Around her neck she wore a long gold chain, from which hung a large medallion.

Is this true?

The time will come when she will repent of it.

Catherine wanted to go to the shopping center.

I'm glad you noticed.

It's quiet, you know.

I was thinking about going to Boston next month.

They were born in Thailand.

Hong Kong International Airport is a busy airport.

He went to New York on business.

We could get something to eat.

She fell in love with a young artist.

It's very important to them.

I have to get to class.

Have you ever thought of becoming a writer?

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Laurel likes horses.

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My stomach is growling.

He will come to the church without fail.

An accident took place at the intersection.

I caught him by the arm before he could fall.

It may sound strange, but it is true.

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They sat at their campfires at night.

We were unsuccessful.

The women in this film are dressed in a very conventional way.

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English abounds in idioms.

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That may be an understatement.

With great effort he climbed up the tree.

Does anyone of you know them?

They executed Saqib.

They were exposed to the enemy's gunfire.

We can't be sure.

She earned money.

It'll wear off soon.

I can't understand his feeling.

This fucking traffic is killing me!

He studied how birds flew.

There was a light shining ahead and I tried to reach to it.

I said lay off.

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Rik is at the foot of the stairs.


I really don't feel like talking.

The temperature has been below zero for many days now.

I am Iranian.