It's only effective at close range.

They understood that war might come.

Just talk with Dawson.

I expected this.

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It's cool this morning, isn't?

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You need to lie still.

Each exercise should be performed fifty times.

Tell her it was all your fault.


Can you climb the tree?


It has nothing to do with the subject we are discussing.


Stop next to the school.


I can't imagine such a thing happening.

I would see Mr White.

In the Paris Commune, for two months the proletariat possessed political power; this was the first time in human history.


Even after delivery, it is bad to drink alcohol during the period of breastfeeding.

He had two or three rather competent assistants.

He is a man of mean understanding.

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You get on the JR Chuo Line.

Why he killed himself is still a mystery.

Generally speaking, women are better linguists than men.


You talk too much.

He ruined his health by working too hard.

Forgive me!

I've got a job interview.

Clocks used to be wound every day.

I disagree with that comment.

I rode the elevator to the third level.

Come right in.

Dan did it with care but with ease.

You're not allowed in there.

Sandy told Starbuck that he would be quitting his job and going back to Boston.

The three of us spend a lot of time together.

They talked from 8 until 10.

They wake up at six every morning.

Anita is much closer to his mother than he is to his father.

I'm a bad boy.

Ranjit doesn't like being criticized.

They are my grandfather's books.

Do you think we'll return before dark?


He entered the lion's den.

Eduardo doesn't think Masanao is saying what she really thinks.

Would you mind calling him for me?

Don't be so crass.

Falling in love is the one illogical adventure, the one thing of which we are tempted to think as supernatural, in our trite and reasonable world.

Restaurants are expensive.

He doesn't want to get married.

My phone number is 789.

That's out of the question.

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At low temperatures, water turns to ice.

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Morgan will never back down.


I think you ought to try a little harder.

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The world will be what you're going to see it.


Many young people were present at the party.

She just told me.

Goodbye to you.

Both had had a restless night, the old man due to insomnia, and the young girl due to delicious dreams.

It is a representation of the man-made channels of a river that has dried up.

Louie isn't much to look at.

Skyscrapers are beautiful structures.


We cannot tear a single page from our life, but we can throw the whole book into the fire.

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It won't do us any harm if we talk the matter over.

We're going to need a loan.

My client is willing to make a deal.


Pontus can't speak French. Gideon can't speak French either.

Lars was my buddy.

Tell me a little more than that.

Donegal-its different up here!

The meeting was going off without a hitch until he threw a wet blanket on it by making silly remarks.

The house gets painted every five years.

Which is bigger, Japan or Britain?

Who rescheduled?

She sings and dances very well.

Do you think there's a chance?

He made up his mind.

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Joubert likes to take walks alone.

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Can you fetch this dictionary for me?


We're waiting to hear from Billy.

Ami doesn't want to give anything away.

Stop that!

There are no devils in this world.

He is expected to come home soon.

Everyone has problems.

The hell with physics!

I am still eating.

She fucked me by surprise.

I could never be violent.

There is a great market for rice in Japan.

I got rid of all my old textbooks.

We need to develop a new kind of energy.

You can wait for me here.

You borrow jewels from your friends.


What is driving them?

I told you that would work.

I was beside myself when I heard the news of my father's sudden death.


I would be happy to speak to Matt about that matter.

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The Sumida is not a good river for us to swim in any more.

I'll be passing by your house at the start of the vacation.

He should make the most of his chance to learn.

Sassan confessed to killing Sue.

Hand back the tape tomorrow.

Michael Glawogger was an Austrian filmmaker who was well known for his documentary films.

Bobby and Brandy are having a dinner party Friday evening.

Hasn't anyone seen him?

You don't have to do that now, do you?


We saw through your lies.

He's the most likely to succeed.

He knows his stuff.


I suggest that the meeting be postponed.


I want him brought here now.

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Eventually, Pilar and Jochen got married.

If she gets some antibiotics and sleeps, she'll get better.

Marie didn't know all the facts.


They would pretend to hate him.

Here's to your future.

He offered his help to us.


I'm going to do something about it.

What's the minimum salary in Turkey?

I spent my vacation in Tunisia.


She teaches English to advanced students.

There are not enough oranges.

Suu said he was going to stay up all night long.

Send the letter through registered post in order to be sure that it reaches its goal.

You must think I'm crazy.


What would happen if I pushed this button?

Agent is always assigned to the subject.

You have cute eyes.

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You had better not go after dark.


I think Cathrin knows French.


Yumi is happy, isn't she?


I've seen one many times.

My father grows rice.

Do you have this shirt in other sizes?


My mother bought me a new bicycle.

She was outraged.

A pair of leather gloves is a must when you work with these machines.


We had an argument about it last night.

This product is both a floor polish and a dessert topping.

Claudia said he'll go to Boston in October.

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The cawing of a crow startled me.

Summer vacation begins next Monday.

She drummed her fingers on the table.


If you want us to help, just ask.


Lester got hurt in an accident at work.

I glared briefly in the referee's direction but he was putting on a calm face while picking his nose. "Dammit, the fight's a fixup!?"

I hope that you aren't serious.

I've told you that a hundred times.

In one year there are twelve months.

Don't rush on my account.

I'm sure you can do it.

I didn't come with them.

If you cross with a red light, it's against the law.

Ask her to lend me a little money.

Piotr suggested that I go to a movie with Ray.

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She did not forget his kindness as long as she lived.

I'm beginning to think you're serious.

Come give mommy a kiss.


I have wonderful news for all of you.