I planned to introduce him to her.

The character of every act depends upon the circumstances in which it is done.

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Scott is a billionaire, not a millionaire.

Bertrand was too upset to talk about what had happened.

I used to think that witches were real.


Let's go back to Boston.

How do you spell your surname?

If you question his sincerity, do not ask for his help.

Alvin coaches varsity baseball.

That's probably going to fall.

Raif doesn't want to do anything to hurt Nick.

In Esperanto, the penultimate syllable is always stressed.

Benjamin kept silent during dinner.

I had to tell Bert.

I told them I would help them.

They were dancing to the music.

I'll keep checking.

Pantelis looks really cute today.

Your spirit has fallen into the hell.

I have another good idea.


Elijah would have been very proud of you.

The tyres are very sticky.

See what you can find.

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I don't have to answer to anyone.

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Someone has warned Glen.


He had no other resource but to run away.


Mahmoud claims that he's happy.

Everyone I know has been there.

The gang agreed to release Jeffery for a ransom of $100,000.

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Ricardo is surprisingly agile.

An arrow pierced his liver.

We sat down and hashed out all the details until we reached an agreement.


Pantelis is out of practice.

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I think we're ready to go there.


It might be expensive.

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He was surprised to hear about the murder case.

I thought you said you didn't see anything.

I didn't expect you to get here so soon.

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The sight of blood makes me feel queasy and lightheaded.

We gotta haul tits!

Please do not smoke here.

Naoto will know about this soon enough.

Though it was the original, Amsterdam, and York, were beaten by New York.

Why aren't you taking notes?

Lynne hasn't done enough.

You guys are weird.

Does fracking really cause earthquakes?

Panzer doesn't have to do that now.

I thought that you could speak French.

Did you just see that?

You must do your homework.

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I wear a suit, but not a tie.

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That's because you don't want to be alone.

Coleen kept good notes.

Be sure to call on me when you come this way.

Allen never even knew his father.

He bent over to tie his shoe.

That's a stupid rule.

Please tell him to leave.

I told Swamy that I really wasn't interested.

He gathered up his things and left.


Tighten the lid so that it doesn't go bad.


My aunt was coming to see us the next day.

Please get to work.

You're going to be famous.

What should I order?

Sriram doesn't know what to do next.


Hasten, my lads!

What she needs is practice.

Are you going to tell Kathy?

What was it Oleg said?

Everyone makes mistakes.


Clean up that mess.


Getting old, a man sees worse, but more.

He seemed to know everything about me.

I've done nothing wrong.

Tal and Floyd went to a jazz music festival.

I'm Hungarian.


I met two foreigners: one from Canada and one from England.

My French isn't that good.

This room is pleasant to work in.

The insults and threats gave way to a donnybrook.

Teri is hiding somewhere.

He fathered seven children by three different women.

You should do that soon.

How well do you know him?

It was raining. However, they still went on their school trip.

That escalated quickly.

A life for a life.

"I would love to go to the dance with you." "Really? You would?"

Everything that Tollefsen said is true.

Stay back.

It is my belief that sincerity will be rewarded in the end.

Who said you could speak?

Trying saw a snake slither across the path.

Frederic is well paid.

I'm going to be a doctor.

Some people try to gain advantage by exploiting their personal contacts.

Did you have fun with him?

Lou wore a dark brown dress.

You must avoid making such mistakes.


It is Tuesday.

What are you going to do over the weekend?

Music feeds our imagination.

We're on the same team, right?

The mountain is standing out in sharp relief against the blue sky.


I bought this pen at the stationer's around the corner.

I hope this isn't really happening.

I didn't know you could juggle.

I don't need to have fun to drink.

I can't buy it because I have no money.

One day I went to school with my best friend, Gitte.

That is not possible.

She went on picnic in spirits.

Reinhard is persuaded he's right.

He made up the whole story.

It blew my mind.

I completely understand that.

Parents' love could be overwhelming until you can't breathe.

I like your eyes!

Try it on. It looks about your size.

It is from advertising that a newspaper earns most of its profits.

Are you off your meds?

Language is an important matter, so don't leave it to the linguists.

I try to take few medicines, if possible.


Howard forgot his wedding anniversary.


I have an appointment I don't want to be late for.


William was too fat for Sofoklis.


What do you study English for?


None of us are against his idea.


He has a long neck.


I'm hopeless.

I always knew you were going to be rich.

The hunter shot a fox.

I don't know when I need to be there.

I am from Tokyo, Japan.

I want to retire soon.

It's no use for him to try to find out the real reason.

Do I need a screwdriver?

Bill cut himself with a sharp knife.

He loves you as much as I do.

They're fake.

So what do you think?

Lance is going to buy a new computer.

At last, they came to a decision.

This book is not less amusing than that one.

I didn't confront them.

The baby likes milk.

Even he stopped smoking.

I think I might've caught a cold.

Norma plans to call you right after lunch.

Martha unlocked the closet.

We find ourselves in an impossible situation.

I asked Charleen how he'd do it.


Do you get me?

She looked puzzled at the abrupt question posed by a reporter.

I received a letter from him to the effect that he could not accept my offer.


You'd better eat something.


There are some very strange things going on here.


He finds it very hard to do without cigarettes for a day.

Who is coming with me?

I need you at my side.

A bad beginning makes a bad ending.

Do you know that man who is standing on the bridge?

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We should always obey laws.