A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic and strategist.

- Buckminster Fuller

My story

Vinutha Aradhya

I am a UX/UI designer and Researcher living in Toronto. Welcome to my portfolio.

Design Strategy

Started off as a researcher for The Dublin Project engaging with communities and working alongside Service Designers, Educators & Industry Leaders. I was drawn to the endless possibilities of collaboration in the digital world. Since, I have produced designs that offer engaging user experiences with visually appealing and innovative interfaces across various digital touchpoints.

UX/UI Design

Creating a digital program is about the constant creation of knowledge and empowering individuals to participate, communicate and innovate. I am constantly driven by this ideology and hence employ Human centered design methods while working with entrepreneurs and organizations. The result is multidisciplinary teams, engaging programs and solution driven innovation. 


  • Design Strategy - Research, Design Concepts & Experience,Develop storyboards and map user journeys.
  • Web Design - Wireframes, Layout & Prototyping
  • Web Development - HTML5, CSS3 & PhoneGap.
  • Graphic Design - Branding, Visual Identity & Infographics
  • Animations - GIFs, 2D & 3D Motion Graphics

Where do new Ideas come from?

Differences. Creativity comes from unlikely juxtapositions.

- Nicholas Negroponte


Users will tell you what they think they want.
Users will not tell you what you need to know.
You have to watch them to discover that.

- Adam Judge

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