Novorolsky is no angel.

Norbert's a very good fighter.

Max shot and killed a bear.

Day began to break.

This is shameful.

It never occurred to me that he might be sick.

Jose gets a kick out of this kind of thing.

John is not the man he was three years ago.

Matthew helped Joyce with the housework.

He has been in Hokkaido before.

Have you ever shaken hands with the President?


What did I do to deserve this?

She was in the right place at the right time.

"I must get well," Sadako said to herself.

That poor slob began and ended his career as a district policeman.

Someone has brought us some grapes.

Robbin tried to hog all the credit.

He needed space.

To make mistakes is not always wrong.

Do you want to know what this is about?

I didn't realize you knew her.

I'm not used to this kind of competition.


I have had an inspiration.

I put the used syringes in a can for safe disposal.

What country are you in these days?


Some new kinds of rice can be harvested two or three times a year.

Germany is a federal republic.

That's absolutely correct.


The newcomers will have to compete with each other for a promotion.

"You don't understand anything!" "I don't even pretend to."

How are rights and duties correlative?

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She gave away all her dolls.

With the release of Skype, studying languages has become easier.

He's just not the person I thought he was.

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You knew her better than I did.

The world needs more affections.

The yen was revalued upward against the U.S. dollar from a rate of 360 yen against the dollar to 308 yen on December 18, 1971.

I suspect that Russell isn't telling the truth.

The actress is running her lines.

Are you willing to help him?

The doesn't want that right now.

For the time being, I will wait for the result of the survey.

I have lunch at noon.


Marcos plays tennis, too.

I guess you'll need some help.

I don't think it's my decision alone.

Can you help me to translate these sentences into Chinese?

He speaks French fluently.

How tall is that tower?

It seems that he's lying.

I wake up 6:00 o'clock, but I get up 7:00 o'clock.

Neville certainly fits the description that the police gave us.


I hope I succeed.

I'm fed up with working here.

He is unable to concentrate on his academic work.

Groups are a good way to share an interest with a small community or the whole world.

We warned you.


We had much rain last year.

I just told him the truth.

Am I going to be normal again?

Alf is at the foot of the stairs.

Have you ever eaten turkey?

At this hint of the violent storm to come we shuddered as one.

Sorry, could you repeat your name?

Konstantinos got mad at me.

This is the information you requested.

I asked him several times, but he simply didn't reply.

I cannot lie on the grass. We are at the royal palace!


They haven't fixed a date for their wedding yet.

It seems logical to me.

How many languages disappear each year because another language seems more "cool" to their young speakers?


Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.

We plan to have a birthday party for Part.

I like strawberry ice cream.

It has had no effect on him.

Their boat needs painting.

They stared apprehensively at one another.

I can give you a lift into town.

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There is going to be a storm.

Look at me!

Lech is interested in history.

The man gave a big cry.

Maybe Lisa was walking in his sleep.

He knows how to shave his beard.

I've returned.

I told him that I would do my best.

Be very good and don't tell your parents about it!

I have the internet on my phone.

That girl is completely crazy.

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Soja is a animal food proteins.

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Stop being such dolts.

Many couples end in divorce.

He likes to throw the bull.

I was tempted to skip class and go home early.

Lee lost it.


I was only playing a joke on Granville.

Do you think that she is not human? In any case, I also may not be human.

The horse never refuses to gallop to its stall.

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In this case, 100 euro please.

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Can you correct this report before 5:00 p.m.?


We must allow for some delays.

Let's not forget that Po used to be in prison.

You should rest after exercise.

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Wild rabbits can be seen in the forest.

Hey, pops! What are you doing!

Cristi took off his helmet.

Skeeter and Janos often sit next to each other on the bus.

The fans want to get their autographs.

I'm not an actor anymore.

I can't do all of this by myself.

I know you don't believe me.

She removed the dishes from the table.

We are dying one after the other.


Maybe we should've peeled the apples before we ate them.

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It's on the way.

Quit following them.

Did I mention Micky was a doctor?


Bart has a mahogany desk.


A camel is a horse designed by a committee.

Strange things are happening.

A leading specialist was brought in to authenticate the painting.

I want you to take me with you.

I didn't want to waste any time.


The father abandoned us.

The country fell into the invader's hand.

I was fool enough to marry Reiner.

Ken has memorized a large number of Japanese songs.

We gave blood to help the child.


Pain, pain, go away.

Africa is a very large continent.

I don't have any sister.

I never expected to lose.

Adam is biased.

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This movie is terrible.

You're right, I think.

You need to top up your Oyster Card.


They're experiencing white water rafting on a class five river.

I enjoyed it a lot.

It is quite a sorry sight.

I must brush up my English.

Lars has done well for us.

Now is not the time.

Are you saying that you give up?

He weighs ten more kilos than me.

The bus may be late.

The publishers of that newspaper are very liberal.

Do I have to pay you?

He was the first man that climbed Mount Everest.

Dannie isn't afraid to die.


If we pool our resources, it'll be that much easier to solve the problem.

Remember what we spoke about yesterday.

I brush my teeth every morning.

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I have an announcement.

Please open the door.

Straka was playing hard to get.

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You chastise people for working hard.

Why would Luc go there?

They were together three years.

Water was supplied from outside.

Thanks to technological innovations, maximum outputs of the factory have doubled.

So, are you going to help me or not?

Are you talking to yourself?


I think I could be persuaded.

Do you want a glass of soda?

That works.


The Japanese at large consider themselves better off than they used to be.