I think you've been very patient.


We played baseball until it was too dark to see the ball any more.

It's doubtful whether Ramon will come.

This isn't all that complicated.


When you smile, I am happy.

I simply don't understand.

That might not even be them.

You can't mistake him for his younger brother.

Get away from her.


I have a big surprise for you.

Jeffery likes to hang out with the bad boys.

Wait here a second, OK?

Here's something for you.

Van didn't want to talk about what had happened.


Juliane will drive you to your place.

I'm sorry that I didn't email you sooner.

His mother picked him up.

That day proved to be the turning point in his career.

Are you kidding me?

Do you think they noticed?

Take my apples, boy, and sell them in the city.

Uri doesn't need to work on Sundays.

There are no wrong answers.


A police car has stopped on the side of the road.

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Dorothy and John are identical twins.

We don't have a lab.

Toerless disagrees with Craig on that matter.

Why don't I stop by next weekend for dinner?

You are much taller than you used to be.

Dan appears to have had several surgeries in the leg.

At the end of every subject i have an exam.

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May I have a talk with you?

Tell me a story.

Why are you talking to her?

I never lend my USB drive to others.

She's the only one who survived.

When "alpha divides the product of beta and gamma" never fails to entail "alpha divides beta" or "alpha divides gamma," then alpha is prime.

I waste a lot of time daydreaming.

"It's time to start seeding", he said.

"I think this wine is really good." "I've had better."

The graphic description of the victim's murder was too much for his mother, who ran out of the court in tears.

This is the girl that came yesterday.

I'm a good guesser.

The reduction of subsidies to the Cultural Heritage sector requires the adoption of a new paradigm.

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We have no acquaintance with her.

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Why didn't you say anything?


Douglas waived his rights.


Come on, get up.

He established the firm.

Ice cream was Raif's favorite food.

You're not strong enough.

Isn't that what you were hoping for?

The arguments can be disruptive at work.

I don't want to hit you, Gill.

Winston has denied the accusations.

What do you have in the box?

No one believes he is innocent.

Debi wants to say hello.


Has anyone here in the classroom heard about Norman Finkelstein?

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I was just arriving when she left.

He wrote the article "Robotic Mining and Minerals on Martian Terrain."

I'm going to tell you something about Agatha that you might not want to hear.

The cows seem happy.

Don't waste time on trifles.

I can be very flexible.

He behaved badly to his sons.


The prime minister hinted at the possibility of an early election.

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I really don't like Apple products.

We're waiting for you.

He shot many lions, elephants, and other animals.

I don't want Alberto and Alberto to see me cry.

Once in a while, she is late for school.

May I call on you again?

Franklin whispered into Boyce's ear.

I haven't heard this song in a while.

Seth refused to put her aging parents in a home.

I know why there are so many people who love chopping wood.

I can't call Cory at home.

What are you wearing to graduation?

His selfishness makes me nervous.

I had no choice but to do what Shaw asked me to do.

Rock is the music of the young.

I'm used to keeping early hours.

I have to transfer schools.

Holding an eel too fast is the way to let her escape.

They're drenched.

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It was a warm night.

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I can't attend the meeting.


Slartibartfast stomped on the brake pedal and screeched to a halt.


I hardly see you anymore.

One must be absolutely modern.

Have you been on an express train recently?

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I don't know what Byron did.


Don't scream, or I'll scream louder.

I've got real feelings for you.

Daryl turned the dial on the radio.

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I made a doctor's appointment for two.


Follow Vernon.

The sky is cloudy and it will rain.

It's at the back of the building.

Do you think one person can change the world?

Which movie did you like most this year?


He says I speak too fast, but this is how we speak Portuguese.

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Due to the heavy rain we were soaked to the skin.

How much extra will we have to pay?

I don't think I can do this without you.

The two buildings adjoin.

They spend a lot of time together.

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I have a few more questions I'd like to ask you.

Once you begin, you must continue.

I want to see them again.

I'm busy all the fucking time.

Cyrus and Ning both dropped by.


Since when do you care what anybody else thinks?

It is Pochi's food.

Who was in the car?

I don't know who made the cake.

Inspector Sanjay Jackson questioned Nadeem for hours.

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Dale grew up in a one-horse town and was overwhelmed when he moved to the big smoke.

Sunil wasn't injured in the train wreck.

He hanged himself.


As a rule, I prefer people who deal with matters of this kind directly with those involved.


With dignity she protested her innocence.


Are you studying English?


We went to Boston together.


You hold my fate in your hands.

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Nothing is more pleasant than taking a rest after hard work.


His house stands on the hill-side and commands a splendid view.

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You are ruined.


You're still shivering.

Who can tell the difference?

This isn't enough food to feed everyone.


I understand Sharada.

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Florian was conscientious.

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I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

"What are these stains on the floor?" "Blood."

Is there a post office nearby?

Walking in the sand is difficult.

What kind of movie do you want to watch?

I'm no good at dancing.

I don't like the idea that money is everything.

Some people still believe that the world is flat.

Will came in second in the race.


Do you think she still remembers me?


I've never had a problem with my computer.

Only answer the question. There's not enough time.

I was about to leave home when an old friend of mine dropped in.

He'll never figure out what it is.

Roland is a true friend.

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Piercarlo made Olivier a cake for her party.


I would never kiss Rainer.

Jem isn't afraid of experimenting.

It is said that...

Damn you, you always have good luck!

She kept on crying.