Christie is looking for a job.

They'll promise you anything, Jill.

She told her superior what she thought.

English was the language of freedom in South Africa.


I cannot abide him.

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Let me know the result as soon as you can.

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I want you to treat me a little nicer from now on.

I think I'll need to talk to Saiid about this.

Don't fear the future!

You can't reason with Jarvis.

That makes a difference, doesn't it?

My mother often prepares us doughnuts for breakfast because we love them.

I lost track of time.

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That's for you.

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I better not catch you going around there, or I'll ground you for a week.

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Dominic will likely follow your advice.


He is driving at top speed.

In the world, there are over 4000 languages.

Fritz told me that he wouldn't be able to be at the meeting.


teach your friend to keep smile while clicking picture

Raja smiled, but didn't respond.

The only problem is time.

"O save my children!" shrieked the frantic mother, as she tried to rush into the burning pile.

Vladislav weighs about 300 pounds.

Marco decided to make spaghetti for dinner.

This is useful mainly for disabled people, people with illnesses, and the elderly.

Every precaution has been taken.

I was called out to the scene of the accident.

My palms are damp.

I'll get the doctor.

Get in the car and lock the doors.

I'll leave the planning to you.


Margaret wondered how much tequila Wes could drink before she passed out.

I need to send you a long email soon!

I'm quite worried about Maureen.

If you think your team can win against our team, you've got another thing coming!

They like to sing.

All I did was for the love of a woman.

That's my pleasure, dear! If you have any questions, let me know!


I'm Azeri.

I am up to my neck in work.

Did you see anything of interest?


I'm not sleepy anymore.

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She must have seen us.

All piggybackers are pigs!

A man who suffers before it is necessary suffers in his life more than is necessary.


"His biceps are huge." "What about his triceps?"


Sue wanted to speak to Major privately.

The nurse gave them flu shots.

The weather has improved.

It took Nadeem a few weeks to get used to working in his new office.

The murder happened between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m.

Ozan won't get very far without any money.

Danny thinks this place is haunted.


A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic.

The man was said to be part of a rogue militant group.

I felt it was my duty to come.

Per had no difficulty in solving the problem.

Vince staggered into the room, carrying a bottle of beer.

We'll keep you updated.

Tell me your life story.

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Manjeri waited until 2:30.

He often watches TV.

I just got engaged.

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Why should you be so sad?

High tariffs have become a barrier to international trade.

Why don't you open a savings account?

Do you think I had something to do with that?

Guillermo was dumping trash.

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He invited me personally.

Ed fell into the water and drowned.

I wish I could have gone with her.

They went there.

The three richest people in the world control more wealth than the poorest 48 nations.

Tomorrow is back-to-school day! For once, I'm anxious to go back.

Now that I got guaranties, I am no longer afraid.

Insects are full of proteins.

Its obvious to everyone that he is in love.

I could tell at a glance that she was in trouble.

Edwin and Cynthia are both Canadians.

That's no longer necessary.

How do we know that he is who he says he is?

I can't do it justice.

His rudeness was conscious, not accidental.

Steen wouldn't do something like this.

When you come across new words, you must look them up in your dictionary.

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How is that even possible?

Does Lord always behave like that?

Billy told us everything.

You guys should really be wearing swimsuits.

There is no paper to write on.


What will change everything?


Who gave you that shirt?

You're always all talk and no action!

Vassos knows how to play mahjong.

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What's their approximate worth?

Paris, which is on the Seine, is a beautiful city.

Shepherd tried to run and was shot.


The old man pretended not to hear my question.

My sister always makes fun of me.

You're a sharp one.

That's good for a first try.

There are many people living near us.

The church was built in the fifteenth century.

It's a little late for an apology.

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I'll play a sonata for you.


I should be jealous.

I made no such promise.

I'm not quitting now.

It was not until yesterday that I heard about the accident.

Sharada would often make mistakes purposely just so the teacher would notice him.

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Down the coast from the shingle beach was a secluded cove.

Carolyn looks very sleepy.

Why hasn't Cindy already done that?


I would like to have some water.

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Did you do that just to make her jealous?


Hey, is this fish tasty for real? It looks like a black porgy who'd fallen in with mobsters and been put on the country's most wanted list!?

Sunday's match will be crucial.

Terry bet me thirty dollars that I couldn't do it.

Did you mistake the margarine for butter?

I don't feel like exercising.

She stole my candy.

Are they going to take my child away?


I still think about her.

This is my home now.

All that Vilhelm needed was money.

The last thing I want to do now is clean the bathroom.

In the room there were four boys, who were playing cards.

Theodore began to feel tired.

In this book, lots of coincidences happen.

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Shamim won't be expecting us.

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I think I would have heard gunshots if there had been any.

I'd like to introduce to you the gentleman I told you about the other day.

The girl came without complaint.


This is not a sentence.

It's a typo. Sorry.

Nature is beyond mortal control.

At the bottom of the letter he wrote "Kind regards," then signed his name.

Gregg was here just a moment ago.

Rudolf is welcome.

The story seems to be true.

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I'm in a bad mood.

They can be understood, too.

I guess I'm a little curious.

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What exactly do you expect me to do?

Please see below for details.

Surya can't stop.

The boy has a good school record.

I cover twenty miles a day.

Just out of curiosity, did you really have to do that?

It was very cold last night, so we didn't go outside, but stayed indoors.


It seems like that she wasn't acting back then; they were her real feelings.

He was sent abroad as a correspondent.

It's nice to see you so happy.

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What did you get?

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Bryan is going to be really proud.

Apparently, Nicolas is very good at skiing.

I'm sure Sekar is glad that Giovanni is here.

Be careful not to spill gasoline when filling the tank on your lawn mower.

I feel happy when I'm with you.

Takeuchi stayed at home all afternoon.

The coast is clear.