I like steak rare, but not this rare.

Just have him call me, OK?

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There is a melon on the table.

I knew him.

Cory couldn't see himself ever doing that.

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The other girls were jealous.

Clare asked Micky to do something she didn't want to do.

I've been giving this a lot of thought.

Harv stayed there for several days.

We need a timekeeper.


I never understood this.

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I think she's jealous of you.

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Don't forget to brush your teeth.

I don't wanna know this.

If you say so.


The new store opens next week.

A key to a woman's heart? What are you on about? The only thing you have to do is to fuck her!

Ernest told me so.


I'm not sure if she saw it.

Listen well to what I say.

I hate Valentine's Day, too.


She couldn't accept that her husband died.


Mashing potatoes with your non-dominant hand is hard, but good practice for becoming ambidextrous.


Betsy poured some cereal into a bowl.

Children are liable to catch cold.

I appreciate your cooperation.


If you request a further discount, we suggest changing the terms of payment.

We found it.

Now is the time I got to speak out.

He has left his family.

What time do you start school?

Donne recovered.

Ronni said what you told me wasn't true.


It wasn't all bad.


We dismissed what Allan was saying.


Where did you eat them?

You don't have to wait until the end.

Tao didn't go upstairs.

From now on, no more TV before you have done your homework.

He could not bear to think of his dog being sold to that cruel man.

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This book counts among the best of his work.


You should've seen her.

How to say "apple" in your language?

There's no chance that Margot will be late today.

We didn't break in.

My head does hurt a little.


Were you just quoting Joanne?

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I can't seem to relax.


Can you tell me why Olof is doing that?

Burglars broke into our apartment and stole my wife's fur coat.

I don't think Francis would ever do something like that.

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Don't bathe in this water.

I'd like to talk with you.

Let me at least talk to them.


I don't know anything with respect to this area.


I wish you'd stop telling people that.

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen has won 13 Olympic medals.

Drivers must stop at the stop line.

Kim used to drink beer.

I am not a pacifist.

Don't you think this computer game may be a little too difficult for Lin?

Bret left just after Jean left.


It was a bag that I lost in the room yesterday.

Are you through with that?

I'd just like to talk.

Cheer up! Everything will soon be all right.

I have a business meeting.


Laurel said Boston is a nice place.


What do you think if we buy mangos for lunch?

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Hillel disregarded Brian's advice completely.

Are we doing this?

I do not put my complete confidence in him.

Can I please have the bill?

Can I take a photo?

I'll see him tomorrow night.

You obviously haven't seen what Greg can do.

Please let me know when we get there.

Why didn't you say so earlier?

We have been having awful weather.

The salt cellar was on the table.

It seems that this is not painted by a painter.

She copies everything I do.


I think this word is no longer used.

Researchers believe that discovery always comes like a bolt from the blue.

I'm going to give Nikolai a copy of the book I wrote.


The work has already begun.

Maybe Jeffie is trying to tell me something.

You've got to help me! Every night I have the same horrible dream.

I want a cross of gold.

Is that so complicated?

Their territory was small for the population.

Do you want to do this?


The G8? A like-minded banquet for the rich.

You remind me of your mother.

It's not a permanent solution.

I was in Boston most of last summer.

Who's this hot babe?

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Maybe you should ask.

It's not too late to change the schedule.

My cat looks sad.

We have to tell them.

I just love happy endings.


On what grounds are you arresting me?

Rich and Polly often eat dinner together.

Petr stood in the middle of the room.

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That took guts.


How did you know I was coming?

The boat shipped water and nearly capsized.

Has anything changed?


Laurence was such a happy person.

When will you have enough?

Now, all I need is information.


Never contradict your elders.

I'm reading things like famous novels which have been rewritten in simplified French.

Make yourself cozy!

Here are a few examples.

He doesn't listen to his parents.

I eat breakfast there, most of the time.

I think we should keep this a secret.

Cloudy days, they stopped on their way and could not return home.

What are you both doing in here?


I really like the olive soaps I bought in Hatay. They are not cheap, though.

Can I have another beer, please?

Toufic was arrested.

I did not know that I have to do that.

It took us a long time to decide which one to buy.

Hume said that we should avoid Lyndon today.

We must prevail against our rivals by all means.

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Is tomorrow's breakfast bread or a proper one with rice?

Little did she dream that she could win first prize.

The shopping festival that everyone had been waiting for starts today. Because of this, the security force has thoroughly checked their plan to protect the safety of those attending for any flaws.


Many times, a hen-pecked husband doesn't know his problems until he talks to a happy bachelor.

Nicolette denied he was involved in the murder.

You have to raise funds for the relief work.

We want the same thing.

You're a good partner.

Forget English.

What do you owe him?

We kept our word.

I finally found out where you were last night.

Do you want to come inside?

I'll tell Pravin you finished the report.

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He tried to use my computer without my finding out about it.

I can't tell you how many times I've thought about you.

Gregory is bi.

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He put a hand gently on her shoulder.

Be careful crossing the street.

The government is bringing in a new bill on this matter.

It is characteristic of him to go to work before breakfast.

What makes you think they know who you are?

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Did you bake a cake?

Oh no!

Stay here. I'll go get it.

She was livid.

It's forbidden to lean out of windows.

It's fifteen minutes on foot.

He told a funny story.

Can I see your license, please?

I don't want to hear another complaint about you.