Intermountain Dental Assisting has designed our course to put you to work as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of your learning experience or level of expertise.


Our goal is to train you be ready for the long-term in your chosen career as a dental assistant; to help build confidence, increase your income, help you gain knowledge and professional skills, and to help develop your potential. 


You will train, hands-on, beside the dentist, working dental assistants and instructors, both with patients in the dental office and right next door in our specially designed school. You will learn by doing, in fact, more than 80% of the curriculum is devoted to hands-on learning. 


This type of "on the job" training will give you the confidence and critical skills needed to succeed- Making you a valuable asset to any dental office and the kind of professional every dentist will want to hire! 


You won’t be stuck learning late at night, we feel training when the office is closed is ridiculous! Do you know any dental assistants who work when there aren’t any patients? And you won't be stuck in a classroom every weekend! Our flexible schedule works around YOU!