It's an old custom to give a gift of lilies of the valley on the first of May.


I have an evident proof.

Srikanth is starved.

Jarl's parents returned a day early from their vacation.

I'll pick Suresh up.

There are many modern buildings around here.

My daughter's slowness to take action is a pain.

Smoking is bad for the health.

Now do you see?

I'm glad you're my friend.

Did I make the team?

The tragic news drove his mother mad.


Is that where you intend to go?

What secret is Thomas hiding?

You ought to know that.

Someday, we'll know.

My birthday is on March 22.

He came back after many years.

Rice, noodles, and potatoes are typical side dishes.

Don't get me wrong, but she likes you as a friend.

It's not safe to drink this water.

Kimchi is a traditional Korean food.

In hopes of attaining superhuman powers, Christopher Columbus once stared at the sun for five minutes straight. It didn't work.

I've been playing the bongos a lot.

Joan of Arc refused to renounce her belief that the voice she heard was from God and none other.

Could I have everyone's attention, please?

Baking a cake takes more time than frying an egg.

When will they finish installing the electricity?

The soup's too hot, I can't eat it.

Did you pass your exams?

We see the crumbling of the nation, the breaking up and disintegration, until the only suitable picture is that of the valley of dry bones, very many and much scattered, unrelated, unarticulated, disintegrated.


Your name wouldn't be Uri, would it?

Rajendra wanted Miki.

Mr. Yoshida is too severe with his children.

We're all alone.

When I got up to go to school, the moon was still visible in the sky.

You're still my son.

This dress fits you to perfection!

They called them traitors.

The police weren't able to determine which one of the twins had committed the crime.

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David's starting to go bald.

How much does Christofer really know about what happened to Gunter?

Cliff caught several large trout.

Have you seen Loukas's room?

Listen, we have a bigger problem to deal with.


Few know the truth of the matter.

I'm innocent, I swear.

I'm not dressed.

I see with my eyes.

What to do next is the question.


It is, moreover, very difficult to explain in any other way why there should be so much helium in the universe.


We don't want them to be uncomfortable.


He arrived by sea but left by air.

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You know what Blake said about Bradley, don't you?

There's no one there.

I think you're a very attractive woman.

Your mom is so fat that she has her own timezones.

I need to know as soon as possible.

He died suddenly at the age of 65.

No one can guess what he's thinking now.

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Julia was on the jury that convicted Taurus.

In my village, there is a small, narrow footbridge over a brook.

Autumn changed into winter.

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I ate the cheese.

Samir stared distantly out the window.

Everybody, just go home.

Do you speak Arabic?

Dad and Mom went to the market.


I've ordered one.

There are too many people here. Let's go somewhere else.

I love this job from the bottom of my heart.

You can come in now.

Barbra accidentally set fire to the curtain.


Children are very curious and ask many questions.

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I wanted to go to Boston.

I flew to Boston last week.

Jocelyn Bell was born in 1943 in Northern Ireland. Her father was an architect who loved to read. Jocelyn would often borrow her father's books. Through her reading, Jocelyn became interested in astronomy.


What's this computer doing here?


The doctor told me that I should change my eating habits.

We all grew up believing that everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, some now believe that all opinions are equal.

We ate a whole load of apples.

Don't you feel stupid now?

Hey, is everything all right?

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Is this really how it's done?


Dylan told me that he and Saqib spent their summer vacation at the beach.

So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.

What do your words add up to?


Why are you so late?

Don't speak ill of the dead.

It seems simple enough.

He is not Japanese.

I won't say anything to Briggs about this.

All around, as far as the eye could reach, nothing could be seen but fields of ice, in which the ship remained stuck fast.

I don't want Ernst to worry.

Brenda trusts us.

No one loves you as much as I do.


When was the last time you saw Juliane alive?

How does he gain his living?

Coal and natural gas are natural fuels.


I'm thinking that lately, maybe the students are making fun of me.

We did a good job.

I appreciate your trying to protect me.

Many people here don't agree with that.

That doesn't concern you.

I played an important part in the garden party.

I haven't read this book.

Adam is angry that Ahmed disagrees with him.

Good luck in life.


This knife won't cut well.

That book is too out of date.

It's your choice, Larry.


Next year is the devil's joke.

The clever doctor could cure many illnesses.

Francois is hard to get along with, but he's not stupid.

I wish that wasn't the case.

Dan and Linda retreated to their room to make out.


It is impossible for Yumi to finish it in a day.


Your life depends on it.

I'm not involving him.

When I don't have anything to say, I am not embarrassed to be quiet.

One mouse is running around in the room.

I think Jeff is taking a nap.

No, I don't remember. I wasn't born yet.

Saqib likes to fool around.

I hear you've been offered the job.

I loved reading when I was a child.

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Lievaart isn't so conservative, is he?

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I don't think Graham will give you the keys.

She asked me to come to her bedside.

I'm okay.

Testing begins this week.

I drowned.

Hand back the tape tomorrow.

The sky darkened.


I suppose I'm going to find out.


That's statistically unlikely, but not impossible.


I've got to find out where Kathryn lives.

Everyone gathered around me.

It is a pleasure, my friend.

That discovery was quite accidental.

The boy is afraid to go to bed in the dark.

Use your head for a change.

It was impossible to come up with a really satisfactory solution.

I can't use my left hand because of my cast.

The train leaves at nine.

Give me some paper to write on.

When was the last time I saw him?

Johann should still be in the library.

They took Richard away on a stretcher.

Kristin taught me how to do it.

We hear music with our ears.

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What's the use of sight if one lacks taste?

Hunter has lots of shoes.

Your health is more important.


Let's have a look inside.

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I used to live near a park.

Korolev was responsible for the Sputnik program which in 1957 launched the first artificial satellite into orbit. Korolev was also in charge of the Vostok and Voskhod programs which proved manned space flight was possible

Did they repair the watch?

I'll give you thirty minutes.

Mac got here early this morning.

I've never liked that girl.

I'll give Clara that.


When did you graduate at Oxford?

There's no such thing as a perfect human being.

The product may contain trace amounts of nuts and gluten.