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"Which Of These 29 Point-and-Click, Cutting-Edge Video Marketing Features Could YOU Use To Increase Your Sales, Conversions, Traffic, Branding, Engagement, and Overall Business Success?"

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Mobile Responsiveness

Our HTML5 smart players respond automatically depending on the device being used to watch the video. This means your video will play back at the optimal screen size - not too big, not too small.

Connor T. MacIvor "There is no better system for self hosted video."

Connor T. MacIvor

Bonnie Dillabough "Oh and did I mention the videos are responsive? Meaning they are perfect for mobile apps as well as web applications. Can you tell I love it?"

Bonnie Dillabough

Wordpress Video Posting

Depending on individual WP functionality, it can be frustrating to upload videos. No need to use 3rd party plugins to upload and monetize your videos. Easily log in to your JVZ account and load your videos directly from your JVZ control panel to your WP site. You can also utilize the Facebook comments option and have FB comments posted directly under each individual video displayed on your WP site.


Have a cool video that you would love to use as a pop up? This can easily be done with JVZ. All you need to do is use an image or a link to trigger this pop up. This is a great tool to generate special interest, use a video with an opt-in and more.

HTTPS Secure Videos

Do you have particular videos that you only want to play over a secure connection? JVZ provide you with secured embed codes to allow just that. You have total control of video security. This is a must today.

Dave Chomitz "...love how easy the interface is to navigate. it seems to flow exactly how I think (not sure if that's a good thing or not) - BUT what I really love is the embed code drop down box that gives me different codes to use. I find some of sites need one kind and some another - it used to be a bit of a job - now just 2 clicks !!!! Keep up the good work !!"

Connor T. MacIvor


That's right, you can actually put your own logo onto the video player! This contributes in a big way to building any brand. Use it for yourself or for your clients to make a real impression.

Jim Cull "I do promotional videos for a local business group for informational purposes and was looking for a product that allowed me to deliver our message in a clean format. This product does it, without fail."

Jim Cull

Facebook Share Gate

Do you have a video that you want to generate massive exposure? Are you interested in boosting your likes, shares, and comments? JVZ provides you the features where you can require your Face Book friends to share with others before they have access and are able to view the material. I guarantee if your video has a killer headline, it will generate interest and your friends will not think twice about sharing to gain access to this video that has spiked their interest.

Easy Social Sharing

Social media is the key to sharing your video and having it go viral. Viral videos are guaranteed to generate massive exposure on all levels. JVZ provides you the resource to share your videos across all social media platforms. Share on Facebook, Twitter and more. You can also share your video using email. Just imagine the sending out an email to your customer list that includes not only your message, but it also includes an attractive video that customers can play within the message. Conversions are sure to improve with interest, product sales and more.


Do you have a library of videos and would love to add the option to include Facebook comments to each individual video? JVZ provides the feature where you can easily allow your customers to post Facebook comments on your very own web page. What a great way to tie in both your main website and Facebook community.


Did you create a video that you are not 100% satisfied with? What a pain it would be having to start over. No need for this. JVZ will allow you to cut out bits that you are not happy with and easily overwrite and save to your current video or save as a new video.

seaside daisy

Commercials within a video only benefit the company the commercial is targeting. However, as a business owner, you can also create your very own commercial and have it play before or after the main video using the JVZ platform. Here is an idea, create a video commercial that includes Amazon products that go hand in hand with your very own product. Upload this commercial to your JVZ account. You are not only earning an income from Amazon. You are also promoting your own products with your main video. Now your pre-roll / post video commercial is benefiting YOU.


Video rankings are crucial in regards to traffic and sales. You can have one of the very best informative videos. However, if you have no traffic, you have no sales coming in. JVZ has you covered. When you upload your videos to the JVZ platform, they will add your video to a Google video sitemap. This feature will tell Google what your video is about and where to find it. This way your video gets found in the search engine. This feature follows Google's recommended best practices for ranking your video content.


Print marketing materials are another key for business success. This includes marketing flyers, business cards, print ads and more. QR codes are the latest in online / offline technology that is used for business growth. Simply add a QR code to your print materials and users can access your video with their smart phones. JVZ provides this cool feature so that you will always have the ability to market your business no matter the print materials you use.

(574) 204-2222

Just imagine putting time and effort into your videos and suddenly one day your PC crashes. You may have just lost hours of videos, lost hours of dedicated work and effort you put into creating the resources that are used to generate revenue for the products you market. This could easily damage the business and sales growth of any business. JVZ comes to the rescue. You will be pleased to know that your video library will be backed up on their servers and you will have 24/7 access. No more concerns of losing your library of valuable videos.

Paul Peters "A rarely discussed benefit is access to your current or previously converted/coded videos 24/7. They’re stored, ready to go, and don’t take up any of your valuable space. If you’re a video enthusiast, make vacation videos or just love making movies and want to seamlessly share them, this is your absolute solution. It will quickly become the most important means to success tool in your video toolbox. Select the URL link and attach to an email for friends and they’ll think you’re brilliant. I have found other video posting software to be clumsy, unstable, and too costly."

Paul Peters

Videos On All Platforms

Today is more important than ever when it comes to mobile marketing. 9 people out of 10 have and use smart phones, tablets etc. In other words mobile is more used today compared to home PC users. Getting your message out using mobile video marketing is easier than ever. JVZ allows all videos to be played across all platforms, devices that include mobile phones, tablets and more.

Pat Parton "It's a very powerful package, yet very simple to use, and looks beautiful on web and sales pages. I sent in a ticket with a question regarding setting up the player on Amazon, they answered in a timely fashion, and assisted me right through. Great product and great support!"

Pat Parton

Video Jukebox Option

Do you have a library of videos that are related to one another? Does one video lead the customer to next? If so, JVZ has the perfect solution of providing a video jukebox option. Now you can easily add multiple videos to one video player. How cool is that?

Customize The Player

No matter what colors you are using for your web site design. JVZ will allow you to customize the video player to match the exact colors of your website. No need to hire an expensive designer to create a customized video player that matches the look and feel of your current web site. At the click of a mouse you can easily accomplish the customization you are in need of.

(512) 463-3326

They say the money is in the list. This is true on all levels. If you have no customer list, you have no business or your business is guaranteed to fail long term. However, there is no need to worry. JVZ has your back once again. Simply utilize the feature provided where you have the ability to include your opt-in forms inside of your videos and no longer be concerned of not being able to build a customer list. This functionality is compatible with all major autoresponder services such as Get Response, Aweber, Mail Chimp, Infusionsoft and others.

John Rodriguez "being online for 9 years this has to be the most powerful that I have seen, because it works. my optin rate has sky rocketed. I have never in my years online seen this before thanks for the system and thanks for helping me grow my team"

John Rodriguez


Getting your message across is your ultimate goal. Having the option to utilize full screen videos that take up most of your web page, or half page videos is sure to get your customers attention. JVZ provides the option to create the perfect size video player. With the click of the mouse you have the size you are looking for.

(208) 336-9153

Having the ability to add clickable links to your videos is a great feature that all business owners can utilize to grow their business, profits etc. For example, if you would like to promote an Amazon Product in your videos, simply apply your clickable affiliate links and you will soon have commissions accumulating. JVZ makes this easy to accomplish all levels.

Bonnie Dillabough "I easily add clickable tags to my own videos and client videos. It also is great for adding value to emails by making a clickable video that takes the client to an engaging video."

Bonnie Dillabough


Do you use images, graphics, or calls to action to capture your customers interest? If so, you are going to love this feature that JVZ provides. You can set predetermined times within your video and magically have these items appear below the video your customer is viewing.

Add A Logo

The last thing you want to do is create an attractive and informative video to later find out that someone came along and stole your work for their very own. JVZ provides you the option to apply water marks or logos inside your library of videos. No more worrying about others using your hard work as their own.

Built-in Video Conversion

Do you use your camcorder to record your videos? If so, not a problem. You can easily view them online. The JVZ platform will easily convert your AVI, MOV, WMV, QT, MPEG, files and make them available for online viewing. No need to hiring someone to convert your videos for online use.

Manage Your Videos And Players Online

You're absolutely going to love the feature of accessing your videos anywhere in the world 24/7, where there is internet access. No matter where you are, home, traveling, in the office, you can easily login in to your JVZ panel and access your videos. No more needing to be at your home PC to access important files.

Yvonne Paul-Williams "Could not ask for a better product and could not ask for better Customer Service...Thank You!"

Yvonne Paul-Williams


Video statistics are absolutely important when it comes to marketing products and services. For a company to sustain business growth, they need to know statistics on many levels. This includes traffic, sales conversions and more. JVZ provides this needed feature and provides the business owner with stats that include number of views, the length of time a video is viewed, and much more.

Eric Miller "Now, I can track my videos and keep them private. This list of benefits keeps getting larger"

Eric Miller

Wizard Interface

JVZoo Video Pro is a robust platform that includes some of the most user-friendly benefits any marketer will find valuable for their marketing and video planning. As you can see JVZ is a marketing platform and not just a plugin. However, YOU can easily apply all features and functionality to your market planning using the onboard Simple, User-Friendly Wizard Interface. It's simple as steps 1, 2, 3.

Sarah Arrow "... the simplest way to host video on Amazon s3. No hoops to jump through, no convoluted videos to follow - it just works. I'm sure it does a heck of a lot more than this, but this is absolutely perfect and I can't recommend them enough."

Sarah Arrow

Add A Button

When using videos for marketing a product or service, conversions are critical to your business and the products sales of individual products and services. The goal is to have increased conversions on all levels, traffic, sales, and more. To accomplish this, you need to make it extremely easy for the customer to purchase the product or service you are offering. JVZ provides another amazing feature that will allow the customer to purchase your product while still focusing on your video content. You have the option to include "Live, Clickable, Buy Now Buttons" directly inside of your video. You have the option to include clickable links at any time during the video. This includes preset times, at the end etc. No more having the customer scroll looking for your product links.

Lynn Brown "I love how I can add buttons that are clickable to my videos which has been a great way to get people to take action. "

Lynn Brown

(863) 367-5539

Most of us marketers have no experience when it comes to coding, application development, web page development etc. Most outsource these tasks to individuals who have expertise in this field. With JVZ you will not have the concern or need to learn HTML or struggle with PHP programming. At the click of a mouse you can display your library of videos in unique video webpage. JVZ also provides you a library of creative templates to give your videos a professional look and feel.

Ultima Photography and Video "We do post all the videos on funeral parlors' website and leave it up for about a year and they play flawlessly. The way you can customize your page is great."

Ultima Photography and Video


You have complete control over where your videos will play and on which web sites you allow them to appear.

Jerry Waxman "I use it to store videos that I use in membership sites, to build lists, and to provide interactive experiences for my audiences."

Jerry Waxman

How Important Is Working Smarter, Not Harder, To You? Are you ready to double, or even TRIPLE your sales, opt-ins, conversions, reach, and viewer engagement?

You can get full access to JVZoo Video Pro's suite of tools PLUS access to all of the future tools we will be adding (we're adding constantly) PLUS premium product support PLUS the option to use JVZoo Video Pro to help other businesses (commercial use) FOR ONLY $197 per year.

German-builtOR (713) 996-5753

INCLUDES A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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