Reimagine operations and maintenance management !

Cloud based collaborative mobility solution to connect, monitor and manage industrial assets and their maintenance activities.

Amazing Features

Connected workflow from field to office - Enabling Features

Work Order Management

Work order with all the relevant information for easy access on demand.

Maintenance Scheduling

Different built-in maintenance strategies like preventive, predictive and ad-hoc.

Part and Supply Tracking

Real time tracking to enable better inventory management.

Integrated Work Instruction

Integrated troubleshooting and work instruction for faster service delivery

Resource Balancing

Utilization based balancing for stress free productivity.

Compliance Audit

Checklist based audit with connected documents management system.

Purchase Order and Billing

Integrated order management and Billing solution.


Geo fencing for real time asset tracking.

Connected Operations

Perfect mobility solution for maintenance engineers who are always in the field to connect and collaborate with other stakeholders for efficient work order management and service request fulfillment. Man to machine connection enables reimagining maintenance activities for increased uptime of any facility.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • IoT enabled Asset Monitoring
  • Work Order Management with Work Instruction
  • Compliance Audit with version control

Faster Technology Adoption

Internet of Things for Automatic collection of data from heterogeneous sources to enhance better monitoring and making the right decision based on data analytics and Business Intelligence.

ChatBOT to update your daily progress report, time sheet and adding meta data to any task - Truly unintrusive!

Continuous monitoring and data collection enables application of machine learning technology for triggering maintenance activity.

Industry Solutions

Our solution can be deployed in industry of all sizes and types. You can plug in and subscribe to our services that are delivered on cloud.

Anytime, Anywhere

Our cloud based solution enables access to your O&M anytime, anywhere. Our technology rich features connects machines with humans for timely redressal of asset health and reduces asset downtime. Our Mobile solution makes it possible to update work order status real time and allow access to nearby resources on demand.


All your moving assets and maintenance resources can be geo-tagged and added to a virtual boundary, so that entry/exit can be tracked. It enables mapping resource concentration against work order spread. It helps to build optimal resource balancing strategy. It also helps to predict the time to move the resource to the designated site.


Our chatBOT can interact with workers in the field to collect necessary information on demand or on schedule. Working with our solution is as easy as chatting with your pals. It triggers notification for Work Order Status, Time Sheet and Billing related status with in-built geo-location data to automatically set the context.

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