This is a poem written in Scottish dialect.

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Please give me the same thing.

You know my position.

Let's forget to study and enjoy ourselves tonight.

Let's talk about something else for a while.

The magazine is aimed at teenagers.

Stop slacking or I'll fire you.

What key are you going to play that song in?


She froze at the sight of the big spider.

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Have you ever gotten food poisoning?

Nelken has been given only twelve months to live.

I'm gonna fuck Marie up.


When I travel, I prefer to travel by air.

Unfortunately, the hotel that you suggested was completely booked up.

Turn off the oven, crack open the oven door and let the Pavlova cool for one hour.

I'm so glad that I was wrong.

Whatever we may decide must be approved by the committee.

Why are you so stupid?

Maybe I should just tell Hunter the truth.

The quality of Srikanth's work has improved lately.

Wait quietly until the substitute teacher gets here.

It's hard to endure the boastings of the French.

I missed the British accent so much.

What are they doing to celebrate her birthday?

Please pass me the jam.


I need your passport and three photographs.


Either you or I have to go there.

Go to bed.

I paid a fine.


Popcorn is my favorite snack.

Do you think Dorian is unsociable?

So let us begin.

I'll show you the city.

He never gives in to what I say.

He asked me the way to the museum.

I was reading.

No, not really.

Graham and Max had to postpone their honeymoon.

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Darryl is humorous.


Delbert is good at bargaining the price down.

Now you're just being silly.

What are those outgrowths on the oak leaves?

Kent just wants to talk to them.

I understand that would be difficult.

She has been to Hawaii several times.

Which country do you come from?


What do you have in your pockets?

At what day are you off, usually?

She sang as she walked.

That's what I need to do.

Marvin can't remember where he put his wallet.

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Perhaps our emotions make us who we are.


There's nothing like a good hot bath.


You're worth less than nothing.

Don't lean on my desk.

Certainly they will go on holiday next month.

The crowd flowed into the auditorium.

I asked Diane where he wanted to eat.

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I want to take her home.

He's thrilled with his new job.

I couldn't do this without your help.

I couldn't for the most part make out what he said.

Let's pay them a visit.

I must thank him.

Felix didn't keep us waiting long.

Don't touch anything, OK?

They could hear the elegant, flowing sound of a harp coming from somewhere.

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I saw a hare in the forest.

Will you put the dishes away in the cupboard?

She knew him better than did all the others.


I'm not going to be pushed around by you or anyone else.


Let Malus do her job.


Of yore, when Confucius passed away, his subtle words were cut off, and when his seventy disciples died the transmission of their profound meaning diverged.

Andy wanted to avoid Deb.

I just couldn't say no to Ralf.


I don't work your land.

Prakash is the only boy in our class.

I found it impossible to do the work in one day.

Red is a colour.

Hurf is Hui's youngest child.

You'll pay for this.

Fortunately, Roland survived.


How many cigarettes do you smoke per day?

Don't just sit there! Move!

We sided with him in the controversy.

I won't go back to prison.

The race seemed to never end.

A product has been launched that uses the power from the USB to keep hot drinks warm.

Denis always makes fun of John because of his dialect.

Tickets will be allotted in order of application.

You're looking better.

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He broke six windows one after another.

I'm excited about it.

A nation's hope of lasting peace cannot be firmly based upon any race in armaments but rather upon just relations and honest understanding with all other nations.

A traffic accident happened there.

We have had lengthy discussions with Clarissa.

I heard her speaking English fluently, like an American.

The novelist is interested in human beings.

You saw it, too.

I want to look like him.


Two beers, please.

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Don't take it personally, Yvonne.


He will never get anywhere with that prejudiced idea.

They're not married.

She has remained in her present position for ten years.

Why don't I call you?

I tried to focus my attention on reading.


The price of the carpet is determined by three factors.

Stock prices fell quickly.

Some eggs weren't rotten, but the rest of them were.

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What are we doing this evening?


Jakob is also a vegetarian.

I wanted to make sure.

He's studying history at university.

I like red wine better than white wine.

She kept a rabbit.

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I'll go to Boston in the spring.


Daryl's torch died on him before he could get out of the cave.

They made me swear not to say anything.

I was nearly caught up in a crime.

He gave my hand a firm clasp.

He lives beyond his means.


Edward Sapir was an American linguist.

Avoid opening the window; I have no great desire to feel air currents on my back.

I know you were close to Carol.

I own three cats.

Her chastity belt set off the metal detector at the airport.

On the table were a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

I'm in trouble. I need your help.

Am I being punished?

Everyone formed couples and began dancing.

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Have you changed shampoos?

If you see the cat in this picture, please call us.

I write you a long letter because I don't have time to write you a short one.


She found herself a mother at fifteen.


Do you solemnly swear or affirm that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?


Excuse me, could we have some more bread?


I don't like to wash dishes.

You've lost some weight, haven't you? Are you eating properly?

Magnets attract iron.

He knows how to help people.

Amigo smells weird.

Vance does not know how to sing.

Your advice is critical.

You need to clean your windshield.

I hope you have a great time.

We have a doghouse in our backyard.

My father didn't allow me to study in the USA.

I think we should change the subject.

We made far too many mistakes.

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Thank you, that will be enough.

Young people were skating on the frozen pond.

Morton is still on the payroll.

I will be all tied up tomorrow afternoon.

Is it difficult to act according to Buddhist principles?

Cyrus loves Australia.

Kenneth said he didn't really care what happened.


I asked Donn not to drive so fast.

The athletic meet took place on October 15.

Here is her letter asking us to take care of her only son.

We will take it to the potential customers.

I stepped aside for the old lady to pass.