What's the use of sight if one lacks taste?


I know exactly what Martha means.

Since Chiro is a cat, he doesn't like lychee.

We can't leave them here.

We saw a mountain in the distance.

Skef is slurring his words. I think he's drunk quite a lot.


We were proactive.

I attended the meeting yesterday.

Did he tell you why he did it?


Sometimes really bad things happen.

Mercuric nitrate is an ionic compound.

It really hurts.

They're going to have a baby.

I didn't know him at all.


The island is about two miles off the coast.

I didn't expect you to say that.

Lately I can't seem to be able to stop drawing stoats.


Study on and on!

Can I go with you?

The leaves trembled in the wind.

I checked the door to make sure it was locked.

Think of the possibilities.

He has as many books as his father does.

I crushed my enemies.


Make love, not war.


Most of the clothes that Americans wear are made outside of America.

They went ahead of all the others.

I'm sure you understand.

That song reminds me of my childhood.

You have a point there.

Kelly asked Neil for her number.

Malus's mother told him not to talk with his mouth full.

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I know it means a lot to them.

Good morning.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to come to your party.


I went to school by bus yesterday.


I'll never leave you alone.

My father never looked down on the poor.

Who were you speaking with?

Maybe Ping wants to sleep a little longer.

They hurried to the scene of the accident.

There's only a day left.

Randal says that he only swears when it is absolutely necessary.

We both know Glenn isn't happy here.

What separates Guangdong from Guangxi?


Ravi has hair down to his shoulders.

She went into her room to dress herself.

Did your father hug you much when you were a kid?

For centuries Cracow was the capital of Poland.

Except for leap years, February has only 28 days.


A rabbit has long ears.

Fred is always telling lies.

Would you at least consider my idea?

He made me a new suit.

I have nothing else to study.

Jim is not what he was.

Say it clearly in a loud voice.

I hear that it's good to cool the back of your neck when it's hot outside.

Sun lights the landscape, pain illuminates the soul.

Ricardo looks upset.

Bill is on the editorial staff.

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I cannot, however, neglect his warning.

My older sister finally got married.

It hurt, but I didn't cry.


There are many Americans who can speak Japanese.

We have been enjoying peace for more than 40 years.

I always photograph badly.

He took part in the anti-war demonstration.

Even smart folks become absent-minded at times.

We must learn to walk before we can run.

Do you realize you could've been killed?

I don't want to study today.

What a funny man!

We'll get in touch with your family.

I recommend you try studying a bit harder.

Stop fighting. We're all on the same team here.

With his camera, Kevin captured a tornado in action.

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I won't tell anyone that you're in Boston.

Which class is your little sister in then?

He quarreled with his wife about their children.


This is a terrible deal.

My name is Robert, so they call me Bob for short.

You don't have to say you love me.

Did you tell them about it?

Suddenly clouds obscured the sky.

I love Korean food.

I have every confidence in his ability.

I'd never repeat that if I were you.

Ramon didn't tell us everything.

School begins at half past eight in the morning.

You mistook the salt for sugar and put it in your coffee?! How careless can you get?

The long jump is a track and field event in which athletes combine speed, strength, and agility in an attempt to leap as far as possible from a take off point.

Hold on a minute, please.


It's a little late for that, don't you think?

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I persuaded my mother to lend me her car.


Can you tell me how to get to the nearest station?


Panos tries to avoid traveling by air.

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I'm trying to translate a song.


I don't even care if they hate me.

Jerrie needs a towel.

The patient is in critical condition.

This is the first time I've ever visited my grandmother.

We usually eat outside on the porch in the summer.

Did everybody leave?

Lawrence won't allow Jeffery to go to the party with John.

This money goes for food.

To speak frankly, I don't like the idea.

Ned told me that Nicolette was good at playing the piano, but I didn't really believe him until I heard her play.

Christina and I are well.

People might notice.

"That's not so!" "It certainly is so."

Imagine that you begin to hiccup and can't stop.

They said they were dissatisfied with their low wages.

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Judith can speak French much better than I can.

Harry couldn't keep up with the class.

We value your advice.

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Why have the apes evolved more than other animals?


The Tanakas are visiting us this afternoon.

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The strength of the chain is in the weakest link.

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In the moutain lives a tiger which lost its roar.

Cowardly, he slinked over to the window and peered suspiciously out into the empty street.

Stephanie makes his own decisions.

Masturbation is doing it with someone you really love.

Why did you fire them?

I'll come back to Japan tomorrow.

You don't have to justify your decision.

Her hat looked funny.

This is my old bike.

The sands are running out.

They had to buy their supplies in New York.

He gave his blood to help his sister.

I'm trying to break myself of the habit.


Elsa was anxious to learn all she could, but Kisika much preferred childish games to anything else.

The irrational conversation continued.

We aren't disappointed.

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Detective Dan Anderson and his team conducted a more thorough search in the park.

They borrow books from the teachers' library.

He is proud that he is an artist.

Do you not like girls?

Pravin decided to buy a used car instead of a new one.

Sjouke has very good problem-solving skills.

I was like that when I was younger.

I'm through with her.

Those who will be affected by massive job cuts in the public sector have not yet been made aware of their fate.


I need to do this now.

I asked Vernon to wait for me at the train station.

We don't know much about Dorothy.


Get your hair cut!


If you were in my place, what would you do?


You've got to see him.

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I have not seen her for almost a year.

Chuck is always acting like he's better than everyone else.

Did they go to the mountains?

He turned angrily on his accusers.

Good morning, sleepy head.

My strength has improved.

We're all friends.

I knew I recognized Tony from somewhere.

I am 30 years old.

The boy pretended he could read, but he was holding the book upside down.

Big changes are coming.

Robin was the only other person present.

Your idea is a good one.

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This is my wife.