Now give it back.

Arthur is very depressed.

This is the first time I've ever corrected exam papers.

Don't lose heart, Tammy.

That was quite a performance.

I don't think I know Jesus.

Jin told me that he would leave soon.

I've stolen the ashtray from the restaurant.

Who do we have to convince?

I hope you're not planning on wearing that dress to the party.

Spudboy buttoned his coat.

British forces at this time were winning victories.


A language is never foreign.


Please come and get me.

A generous man contributed some two billion yen to charity.

We can rely on them.


Isn't it strange?

I can't leave Mikael here.

Hopefully this Punch & Judy show is nearly over.

Yumi went there by herself.

The police officer doesn't shout from Monday through Friday.

She was lounging on the sofa.

Barrio handed a cocktail to Adrian.


He's shorter than I am.

I need to ask you about them.

The first minutes after a heart attack are very important.


I have been lucky until now.

She told him that he was right.

The cost of life increased drastically.


He can speak Chinese.


I need to hire an accountant.

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Every vote counts in an election.

Your telegram arrived just as I was about to telephone you.

Our guest is waiting for us downstairs.


Do ghosts have shadows?

I feel depressed because there were a lot of things I had to do.

Man is a product of his environment.

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I consider Jun a friend.

Trent always pays for dinner whenever we go out together.

Let's help them.

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We've made our decision.

The secretary proved to be a spy.

You're smirking again.

The question is who caused the accident.

We never lock that door.


I'd be willing to help you for a couple of hours.

I know it's hard for you to understand.

Have you heard from him since he left for America?


Cristopher tried to open the door, but he was not able to.

I don't feel like watching TV tonight.

Cristina knows where I hide my key.

Don't talk to him about it.

Sorry again!

I guess that's normal.

It doesn't matter what I believe.

What else do we need to do?

I wish I was wrong.


Who was this poem written by?

She leaped from her chair.

Barbra didn't seem to recognize Taurus.

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This is the lake's deepest point.


She has come a long way.

Yesterday I went to the park.

I'm pretty busy here.


It's only a game.

I want everything to go back to normal.

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.


He claimed that the enormous property was at his disposal.

I miss them already.

I wouldn't put it past him to cheat if it served his interests.

Nadiya Savchenko is a real living legend.

Is he free this evening?

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Are there reserved seats?

Can you give me an explanation?

Jon is turning down the sound of the radio.

Ximena's hair is the blackest out of all her sisters'.

They stated that it was a flagrant violation of international law.

Margot played basketball when he was in college.

Hello. My name is Ogawa.

I've been invited to speak in front of esteemed groups such as yourselves.

Bob felt embarrassed when he was treated in front of some girls.


Casey thought it wasn't a good idea to leave Santa at home without a babysitter.

Brett should have done things differently.

It was not until yesterday that I knew her name.

He asked for a back massage.

I deeply admire Frida Kahlo's life and work.

He earns his living by writing.

Willie never talks about money.

The roses are in bud.

I gave you a direct order.

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If I have any more questions, I'll let you know.

I'm delivering my portfolio later today.

It's high time you got going.

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Old has no idea why Ariel did that.

AIDS means "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome".

Do I have to change my diet?

He was kind enough to tie my shoelaces.

This is a safe place.

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Make it brief, Surya.

Jingbai is sensible, isn't he?

Why don't you just back off?

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I can prove that I am right.

I've been sick for a very long time.

I spent the weekend reading a long novel.

I'm going to learn German.

I'm not a lunatic.

They supplied the war victims with food.

I had to give up my plan.

I saw Jwahar outside your window, listening.

Trees shelter my house from the wind.

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Dustin never went to see Naresh again.

We spent a night at the mountain hut.

You should avoid tight fitting clothes if you are pregnant.

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When the sun of culture hangs low, even dwarfs will cast long shadows.

Izzy mostly kept to himself.

Edward is my good friend.

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He read into my words a message that I hadn't intended.


Don't leave the windows open.

We still have quite a bit to do.

Could you please turn your television down?


The square of the length of the hypotenuse of any right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the lengths of its base and vertical sides.


They're in the shower.

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You know how it happened, don't you?

What are they for?

This is my I.D. card.


Frances is wrong as usual.

Supermarkets often use alcohol as a loss leader to draw in other more profitable sales.

Are you absolutely sure you want to sell your father's guitar?

People born in January, February, and March, please gather over here.

How well do you really know Keith?


Fine feathers make fine birds.

He has ambition, so he works hard.

I'm an airplane mechanic.


Dan didn't even let Linda collect her clothes.

That was pitiful.

Can you tell me where Hirofumi lives?

Someone has to confront him.

Are you going to hurt them?

I saw him go into the toilet a few minutes ago.

Catherine didn't have to tell me what to do.

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I can't afford this one either.

I drafted a small contract.

The child stopped crying and calmed down.

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A dog's nose is very sensitive.

I would rather kill myself than reconcile myself to my fate.

We arrived three days ago.

PTAs in various places are discussing school regulations.

There are no special rules as regards what clothes we should wear.

Australia is about twenty times as large as Japan.

Please don't make so much noise. I'm trying to study.

Every man must die.

It might not just be a coincidence.

Farmers sow grain seeds in spring.

Franklin threw an egg at Eliot.

The head of a sledgehammer can weigh anywhere from 1 kilogram to 9 kilograms.

Do you need a minute?

I'm interested in the history of Japan.

When did you start studying French?

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She is wrong.

Compared to before, it's already improved greatly.

I don't know who started the fire, but I'm sure it wasn't Ninja.

I don't know why I thought it would be different this time.

Are there any types of cuisine or restaurants that you could recommend?