Quick news

  • 27/03/2011: Hopefully (717) 715-5319 won't try to take this off me: 8573609556, devoted to Cisco inconsistencies that have caught me out or pissed me off. I coined 'Cisconsistency' one day after another inconsistency across platforms scuppered my plans and while it doesn't roll off the tongue, I thought it was funny.
  • 26/03/2011: Used the iPhone/iPad-to-Cisco-console cable that I paid a ridiculous amount for (get-console.com, redpark.eu) in anger, and it worked perfectly. We had a spot of bother with a Cisco 3750 stack after we discovered the internal power supply for one of the members had died and the replacement that we repurposed from an unused stack ballsed up the whole shebang temporarily. Head inside the back of a cramped rack with the iPad hooked up to the various member console ports got the stack operational again. Then it got us out of a sticky situation with an isolated site when all the uplinks error-disabled. Not sure it's quite paid for itself yet, but surely I can claim it on expenses now? ;-)
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  • 09/04/2010: Faith restored in humanity. London Cabbie to the rescue!

About me

  • I am a graduate of the University of Manchester with a BSc. Hons. degree in Computer Science with Industrial Experience (taken at 3Com Europe, Hemel Hempstead).
  • I have worked for a major US investment bank, which was then bought by a bigger US retail bank. There, I was a Network Engineer and then a Design Team Lead.
  • I am back in the world of Networks at a new firm. I'm designing, installing, maintaining, operating, monitoring and managing a network for, amongst other things, high performance computing. I genuinely love my job and am not sure I'll ever want to return to conglomerate-grade bureaucracy, thanks.