Shuttleworth Flash Grants

The Shuttleworth Foundation is an experiment in hacking philanthropy. We ask: How can we give more effectively and influence systems for the better.

We build partnerships with current and future leaders who exhibit the values of openness and equity. Funding is just one part of the relationship. One way in which we share the responsibility for this experiment is through the Flash Grants. Each Fellow, past and present, have the opportunity to nominate someone they believe is doing good work to receive an award of $5000, once off, with the bare minimum strings attached. We ask that Flash Grant receivers tell the world that we supported them, and how the award was useful to them. There are no prescriptions on how they may apply the funds.

Flash Grants are our way of continuing to explore new ideas and new ways of giving. $5000 is a small enough amount to risk - for us, for Fellows and for recipients - yet large enough to make a difference. It always creates the opportunity for us to learn, and might just create something magical too.

It also transforms Shuttleworth Fellows into philanthropists in their own right, with funding strategies, priorities and themes of their own. We come together to strengthen the forces for good in the world, finding innovative approaches to social challenges and supporting the individuals who make that possible.