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Traditional Market Crypto Market
Trade restrction
between country boarder.
Free trade access
around the globe
Price volatility is
relatively stable
Price volatility is
relatively aggressive
People often lose sleep worrying about the
price movement of all their coins,making
sense of technical indicators, and trying to
spot the best buy and sell opportunity in this
volatile market.
High Barrier To Entry
Quantitative trading often requires users to
have expertise in both programming and
financial markets.Besides,big institutions
control the best trading technologyies and
hardwares in the capital market

What is our solution?

One Click and The Robot Does It All

  • Design Your Own Bot

  • Spontaneous Trading
    Signal Adoption

  • Earn Cryptocurrency
    While You Sleep

  • 24/7 Non-Stop

Create A Robot Trader that Works for you

Enjoy Life
Seize the Opportunity

Earn Cryptocurrency
Like A Boss

NetCentric Robot Factory

Designed trading robots with “one click”

With NetCentric’s trading robot factory infrastructure, even an 8-year old child could generate their own trading robot and bring ones creative trading ideas into reality. It’s as easy as playing with LEGO® bricks.

Trading modules

NetCentric ecosystem improve the trasparency and efficiency of wealth management by decentralizing and simplifying the investment and trading processes.
Everyone can build a basic trading bot
free of charge,develop modules to upgrade your bot,or leverage others' upgrade function to bring your bot to the next level.
Bot developers can rent out their trading bots, trading signals,and self-developed trading robot modules to earn cryptocurrency as a reward for services they provide.

Team Members