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The International Convention on Sustainable Trade and Standards (ICSTS) is being convened by the Quality Council of India in collaboration with the United Nations Forum on Sustainability Standards, and with a request for patronage to the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. It will be the first of its kind multi-stakeholder Convention in the world dedicated solely to the practical questions of leveraging trade, standards,and global value chains as engines of sustainable development. The ICSTS is being convened on 17 and 18 September 2018 at the Andaz, New Delhi, India.

The Convention has committed participation from the Steering Committee members of the UNFSS, which include the UNCTAD, ITC, UNIDO, FAO, and UNE. Participation of high-level governmental and intergovernmental participation from SAARC, ASEAN, AU, OECD, EU, WTO, members of state governments in India, stakeholders from international and national businesses, policy-making, research institutions and think-tanks, standards organizations & alliances, national standards bodies, major industry associations from around the world, producers and MSMEs who form different parts of value chains, smallholders, civil society and major group stakeholders is also due at the Convention.




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Event Schedule

Day 1 (17 Sept. – Monday)

Agenda 1:
Opening of the Convention
Agenda 2:
Trade, Global Value Chains, and Standards as engines of Sustainable Development
Agenda 3:
Addressing challenges in Standards, Global Value Chains and Sustainable Development

Day 2 (18 Sept. – Tuesday)

Agenda 4:
Monitoring efficacy and impacts of consumption patterns and sustainability standardization on GVCs and Sustainable Development Goals
Agenda 5:
Strengthening multi-stakeholder frameworks for sustainable trade
Agenda 6:
Closing of the Convention

Venue Location