Leonard doesn't quite get it. Could you explain it to him again?

I really appreciate your help.

I'm sorry, I don't have time to help you today.

Visiting hours are almost over.

We have three spare rooms, none of which can be used.

So far everything is all right.

Is it OK to talk to you first?

There is nothing that the gods may not do.

The next bus came thirty minutes later.

The President suspended the constitution and imposed martial law.


He makes me work more than ten hours each day.

He was engaged in a long argument.

Overwork caused her to be absent from work for a week.


Fish such as carp and trout live in fresh water.


The sunglasses cost twenty euros.

Those houses are my uncle's.

He's a farm worker.

Milk doesn't last long in warm weather.

Thank you for shopping.

Well, if that's how it's going to be, then I'm out!

He transformed a piece of waste ground into a beautiful garden.


Noam is pretty good at changing the subject.

I'll see to that.

Gaining too much weight is not good for your health.

I believe in my teammates.

Vijay asked for a wake-up call.


They got married quickly.

I found out who Roberto's father is.

When you're right, you're right.


Rainer will return at 2:30.

The suitcase wasn't mine.

Midterm exams start next week. Just cramming the night before won't get you ready. There'll be a lot of tough questions. You should start studying today.

Pierce had trouble getting online.

They reached the mountain proper.

The boy grew up to be a great man.

Anthony said it was an accident.

I met an American who was interested in Noh plays.

I think that we should forget about this.

Do you remember that baffling murder case?

Kristian would do anything for his sister, Darren.


I can't breathe!


I think this was intended for you.

Lar started retreating.

What a big boy he is!


The two of them were equally stressed out.

I doubt that you are as busy as you say you are.

He washes the bike every week.

Are you doing fine?

This airport doesn't have as many flights as New Chitose Airport and even looking from the observation deck at first there were no planes.

The girl made a doll out of a piece of cloth.

Alan can run as fast as you.

Kim's face is dirty.

Are there any detergents in the laundry?

We'll be safe here.

You should try to figure it out for yourself.


Who is the Assistant Manager?


Elsa didn't seem interested in what Nicolo was saying.

We have exclusive rights to Joubert's invention.

It's a bad idea.


Loukas was the one who introduced Pieter to me.

Lucifer plans to be back here again next year.

Is my answer correct?

Language learning: A process by which a person reduces his ignorance of a language over time.

I didn't make anything to eat.

In public life, let all citizens be equal.

His advice didn't help at all.


I don't know how to help him.


Takayuki and Drew were seated next to each other in the back seat of John's car.


Were you crying?

Mayo spent all her free time last week answering birthday greetings.

Roman suggested that I go to a movie with Danielle.

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I only know how to play one song on the guitar.

In case something is not clear, please contact us.

He is such a great artist that we all admire.

I feel I've already won.

I asked Kristin where he had been.

And what are we doing now?

You're not supposed to know that.

When was your most recent dental appointment?

This is being done for your safety.

'Seminar', in universities, refers to debates and the presentation of research results by a few students.

Stephen and Srinivas have finally decided to get married.


Dani stepped into the candlelight.

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What is it you hope to buy?

Craig has written three novels.

Don't forget to stir the stew.

That isn't real.

Marlena put his affairs in order.

She earned remarkable grades at the final exams.

Alberto told me that he was sorry that he had said such awful things to me.

Close the door!

May I use the vacuum cleaner?

Cristina has a private jet.

She wired she was coming soon.

Spock was mugged on his way home from work.

CouchSurfing is like speaking Esperanto, it's a dream coming true: the global village.


I guess we wouldn't have been able to carry out the plan if it weren't for your help.


Could you please find the missing key. I can't open the pantry.

Scream all you want. No one will hear you.

Bart used to be scared of snakes.

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Our band's been on the road for three months.

Cindy won't leave me alone.

Let's not talk about him.

We'll be right down.

Steven tried to help Liber up.

Carol likes to listen to Catherine sing.

She was my best friend.

They're ready.

Kent turned to his friends for help.

He didn't want to speak about her anymore.

She catches colds easily.


I don't go to the theater alone, because after the movie I like to talk about it with someone.

Go back home!

I banged on the door, but nobody answered.

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Let me tell him what I know.

Jose turned on the car's fog lights.

You didn't have to ask.

Get out of the van.

Why can't I go?

You people are no fun.

The medicine did wonders for his health.

She would willingly come but she was on vacation.

I should not have updated my iPhone.

Agatha bounced back.

I'd say that narrows it down quite a bit.

Would you like to go have a drink after work?

Special forces might do a lot of bad things but they never talk about them.


Myron takes after her father.

We've got to get back to Boston as soon as we can.

Amarth looked through the drawer to see if there was a pen he could use.

Do not leave valuable items in the vehicle.

You're about to be exonerated.


People are staring at us.

He is an angry drunk.

I told Tor I agreed with him.


That's no way to talk about Sal.

How could Courtney do that?

I don't think you're fat.

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Novorolsky is well known.


Put the meat in the refrigerator or it will spoil.

I think we can do this.

Coleen should be out of the hospital soon.

You're not as important as you think.

Before getting on a horse, you usually put a saddle on its back.

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I've suddenly started to gain weight.

I guess you've been to Boston before.

Tarmi climbed up the ladder to the roof of the garage.

Can you really speak French?

Would you please pay attention?

We have an interesting book in German.

Kylo very often takes a nap for an hour after lunch.


It's really worth it.

I'm taking care of it. You can relax, you can rely on me.

He decided to take the day off.


It's too much.

Where did you get the hat?

Ma, I have always surrendered at your lotus feet.


She took the trouble to find a home for them.

Melinda has been gone for three months.

Do not say such foolish things.

This should only take a few more minutes.

Sometimes you should sometimes make a mistake to be properly understood.

There's a Swedish embassy in Washington D.C.

I'm writing this letter to her.

An investigation is ongoing.

See you tomorrow morning!

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The town where I was born is beautiful.