When Kate played a minor part in a movie, her acting was criticized.

I wanted to be the best.

I was astonished.

Women usually live longer than men.

Josh forced Pratt to do it.

This is a very low-stress job.

We have an agreement, don't we?

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What's the minimum salary in India?

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Kathleen is a few months older than Beverly.


I'll go and tell her.

Let's keep an eye on them.

That's how I met your mother.


I had the same problem.

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Mikey's goal is to become famous.

A hug from you would make me happy.

I want to take advantage of the opportunity to speak to the governor.

We'd better go.

Your eggs are getting cold.

That's just the way I am.

As shown above, it is possible to obtain ample profit and customers with truly simple know-how that anyone can do!

She speaks English, and French as well.

They tried that.


Do you want me to go home?

Carter's house burned down in mysterious circumstances.

This custom is followed in most households.


My mother taught me to always look both to the left and to the right before crossing the street.


Those rules foster discontent among students.

I want to get it right.

Eugene is in there.


The doors lock automatically.

They arrested her.

I know you have a house in Hawaii.

Mitch lost the sight in one of his eyes in a traffic accident.

The trouble is that I am not equal to the work.

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They laughed away my worries.

I think something is wrong.

Kari shouldn't even be here.

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She lives far from there.

Shall we walk or drive?

He lost all his belongings.


Hunger, my boy, is no reason for taking something which belongs to another.


It's time to wrap it up.


Aw, has he fallen!

Gene never really wanted to go to Boston.

I thought Helen and Cristopher were both dead.

Creaking cars reach the furthest.

Are their wives permitted to see them?

Please look into this matter as soon as you can.

The empty house was full of dust.


You'd better go now.

There's no disguising the fact that she is dishonest.

It's not on the menu.

You look a little young.

Clay squandered his inheritance on alcohol, women and fast cars.


He said his father was ill, but that was a lie.

Let's let them try that again.

A horrible suspicion wandered around in my brain.

The death of the king brought about a war.

Make it a little larger.


You were amazing.

I tried to talk to him.

Give me all this money.

My mother made me what I am today.

Everywhere were fruits and sweet and delightful flowers.


I haven't eaten dairy products for a while.

The water temperature's still low so you're not going to swim, are you?

He's laughing at me because my lips are stained with squid ink.

Tanya is clearly worried.

Young as he is, he is a man of ability.

Where is the Italian embassy?

They made scoubidou bracelets.

Why would Sergiu be here?

A burglar broke into his house.

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Romain can't play the tin whistle very well.

He seized the child's hand.

He has hope.

He shouted at the top of his voice.

He kissed me passionately.

He couldn't check his anger.

What do I owe them?

I wanted to be the best.

I am not eating.


Some days before the test, he put the wind up him properly.

The police promised Caroline that they would look for his daughter.

Elliot bet me thirty dollars that I couldn't do it.


Please send any complaints or suggestions to the following email address.

Liz wouldn't have made it on time if he hadn't run.

I really didn't know what to do.

Could I help you with something?

I'm not sure whether my sentence is good.

Yesterday you were at home.

What would she have said?


I won't tell them if you won't.


Who did you meet there?


The sound is coming from inside the house.


I have two exposures left on this film.

What kind of music does Juan like?

I wonder how long we'll have to wait.

Literature is the future of a nation.

The medicine only works on men.

That didn't come out right.

Pretend you've won.

I was told you were the one who came up with the idea.

He is my good partner.

The accident happened because he wasn't careful.

We need to work more intensively and effectively.


Let's go bowling together sometime soon.


I'd like her to take me home.

Love is free of fear.

I decided it was time to come home.

There is often fog in the morning.

I was tempted to call in sick.

I'll introduce you my brother.

Everything he said so far should be treated as evidence.

She's a better liar than I thought.

The Lord be most exalted!

Lonhyn learned French very quickly.

Is it still true?

He as good as accepted my offer.

We're just wasting time.

Your criticism is unfair.

No, you aren't in love, for what you call love is just a psychosocial construct to make people ignore their animalic heritance.

The attempts were for the most part unsuccessful.

Did we make a reservation?

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You can use this computer any time.


Get fucked!

Serdar died just a few hours after Rodent died.

The miner discovered a valuable pocket of gold.


We'll have to have a little discussion regarding that last point.


Put in a good word for me.


I'm not a teacher.

Can I be there?

Receive a cure from a doctor, knowledge from a wise man.

Is there salt left?

Our house stands by the road.

There is less time than I thought.

You've got me all rattled.

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He collected an entire bucket of water.

When was the last time you did that?

I don't know her real name.

Light waves travel through space and various kinds of materials.

Kristin is still passed out on the floor.

Deirdre will notify Nichael.

Some children swim in the ocean.


Is this what you wanted?

It is no business of yours what tie I wear.

Don't listen to him!

My mother looked at me with tears in her eyes.

When we're hand in hand, everything heavy becomes light.

Bring Reiner back.

I have no food.

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Natraj is hard to deal with.

We have to reduce our expenses.

Extremists kidnapped the president's wife.

I am too amazed at him to say anything.

All of the entries in this dictionary are transliterated.

They're all bad.

She's got a Turkish boyfriend.

It's easier than you might think.

The train did not arrive on time.

They offer the best salad in the world as a special side dish.

That surprised Jim.

She introduced me to her friends at the party.

Rodger is going to be great.