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We are an integrated supplier of electromechanical components for the machinery manufacturers. We are expert in solutions of attitude control, speed and automated process control. A supplier and a single person in charge for everything what can happen with its machine.

Linear units

Our equipment works under standard programming languages like IEC 61131, C/C++, JAVA and uses recognized components of hardware anywhere in the world. The buses like Ethernet, DOG, EtherCat or Profinet assure that their investment is profitable during the next decades.




Linear actuators and Motors


The direct motors (motor linear and torques) offer exceptional dynamic benefits to their applications. Olvídese of resonances, comforts or wears away. Thanks to the absence of the transmissions the precision is increased, the speed and the life utility of all the set.

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Renewable energies/Investing Photovoltaic Power stations


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Attitude control + Mechatronics

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Linear modules and Units, Linear Tables, Porches Gantry and Cartesianos
Linear modules, linear units, linear tables with transmission by indented strap, small spindle to balls, small spindle of tapered spiral, normal rack, rack of precision or linear motor. Cartesian porches and gantry of 2 or 3 axes, linear modules by telescope, linear units with certification ATEX or white rooms, linear stainless steel modules, with guides to balls, guides of outlined bearings, guides of friction, guides of combined bearings. Complete porches with accessories and motorization (asynchronous actuators or motors), programmable system of positioning, CNC, robots software and visualization, linear tables of precision, electrical actuators
Linear actuators, Motors, Torques, Controls of Axes, Robots, CNCs
Controls of axes with linear and circular interpolation, CNCs with plc integrated, robots with control of axes, actuators, actuators ATEX, torques, direct drive, linear motors, IEC61131, CoDeSys, PLCopen, remote modules of entrances/digital and analogical exits, control of temperature, software temperature control, electrical software of control of electronic levies, axes, cut to the linear and rotating flight. Bus CANopen, EtherCat, Sercos, Profinet, Ethercat, Modbus TCP, Modbus RT, DeviceNet, Profibus, Industrial Ethernet, TCP/IP. Explosion-proof actuators of cc, actuators with brake, actuators, digital drives with attitude control, actuators brushless, drives brushless, drivers, variadores of frequency, systems of linear and angular measurement
Linear guides, Electromechanical, Reducing Linear actuators, Elevating Epicyclic and Planetary
Linear guides of balls, guides of combined bearings, stainless steel guides, guides of vulcolan, electromechanical elevators, linear actuators, mechanical cylinders without piston rod, electrical cylinders, columns by telescope, reducing planetariums, reducers of twice and crowns, reducers of high performance, reducers of comfort 0, cats, cats of small spindle, elevators for alternative energies, following lots, rotating plates and actuators for movement of the solar panels, stainless steel actuators for nourishing industry
Renewable energies, Controls of Axes, Robots, Photovoltaic Mechanics of Movement, Central Investors
Photovoltaic, Investing investors of connection to the network, Controls of axes for solar plants, control of axes with astronomical calculation, software of control of solar pursuit by means of astronomical calculation, control of temperature, software temperature control, software of control STAM. Bus CANopen, Profinet, Modbus TCP, Modbus RT, Profibus, Industrial Ethernet, TCP/IP. Motoreductores with variador and encóder integrated, motor of cc, asynchronous actuators, motors, drives brushless, drivers, variadores of frequency, systems of linear and angular measurement, encóders. Electrical actuators, linear actuators, electrocilindros, electromechanical cats, elevators, rotating, reducing plates of turn, units of turn. Components of solar followers of 1 or 2 axes. Investors DC/AC for solar plants
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