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Welcome to RouteAbus

RouteAbus is the first of its kind web portal designed to provide geocoding and routing capability for school bus routing. The free version gives you all the tools you need to do routing anywhere in North America. The paid version provides tech support and more reports and tools.

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RouteABus web site gets a facelift with new content now available on Social media such as Facebook and Linkedin

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  • Schools must already be created
  • Bus Stops will be created if needed
  • Disability codes can be blank, single or comma delimited list
  • Disabilities and ethnicities must be created in advance or they will be ignored

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8502768856 Notes:
  • Bus Depots, Drivers and Bus Types will be created if needed.
  • To use a previously created Bus Depot you must reenter all the info exactly the same
  • To use a previously created Bus Driver simply use the same first and last name and leave the other info blank
  • To use a previously created Bus Type you can enter only the name
  • When referencing a previously created Driver or Bus Type if the system does not recognize the name, it will skip the bus, i.e. it will not be uploaded.

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