KiteSmart has kites for all ages and all skill levels
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Small Kids Kites

These kites are easy to assemble and fly and have very little "pull" making them ideal for younger children.

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Single Line Kites

These kites are classic kite diamond shapes and delta shaped best flyers making them ideal for beginners.

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Advanced sport kites. Highly manoeuvrable for tricks. There are kites in this range suitable for beginners through to advanced flyers.

Dual Line Parafoils

These pack into a small bag, making them the portable, take-anywhere kite. Parafoils are great for bikers, hikers and anyone on the go.


Lifters and sleds can be used to carry items aloft and hold them stably - carry cameras (Kite Aerial Photography), radio antennas and scientific instruments.


Traction kites for buggying, snowboarding and roller-blading. Ride like the wind!! Lots of fun.


Flying Lines, Wrist Straps, Kite Bags, Ground Pegs and Instructional DVDs.

Best Sellers

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KiteSmart offers kites for all ages and skill levels.

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