Where is the cutlery?

I'm also a human being, we are all brothers.

I have a book about fishing.

Do you prefer to go by train or bus?

Bryce had a choice.

How did I miss this?


I'm going to check my calendar.

He couldn't think where to hide it.

Debbie might've been in Boston at the same time Casey was.

You said Skef asked you to ask me something.

I've been trying to cheer Bill up.

I just got a letter from my girl.

All you need to know is explained in this book.


Open the hatch.

Ramesh stayed in the car while Polly went into the supermarket.

It is a nice initiative.

America isn't a country, it's a continent.

What are you all talking about?

Is this your homework?

Floria will never forget Tad.

He's not paying attention to the teacher.

Are you about to do it?

I look like I'm drunk.

Some communities kept their own languages and cultures.

I didn't want to worry you.

Let's try to get along.


This house is free of rent.

He's standing outside the door.

Yes, I will be able to forget my busy work and relax.

Why are you lying to them?

It was just an example.

I need to know what happened last night.

I've been practising my serve for weeks.

I haven't eaten in three days.

The subway is faster than the streetcar.

You've got rhythm.

Evolution is not an opinion, it's a fact.


I want him to wash the car.


The expert analyzed the statistics in detail.

I owe her for this.

This shop has all kinds of foreign-language magazines.

My hard drive is almost full.

Tatoeba: As if the geek invasion wasn't enough.

We waited for a long time, but you didn't arrive.

You don't believe everything you hear, do you?

I've written about 3,000 words so far.

And, they've already torn up the garden.

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My father referred to my friends.

I'm pretty good at cooking spaghetti.

Spass really admired Pieter's courage.

What was your job?

An hexagon is a shape.


Ronni and Raanan speak Hungarian very well.

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He was blind from birth.

The pot was mine.

I know something about it.

I thought Martin was joking.

Is it OK to smoke around here?

Music is a common speech for humanity.

I hate it when you're so busy.

I hate people who just parrot things they've learned from books.

People usually die if you kill them.

If you have something against the Jews, you don't have to come here and say it.

I don't believe half of what I've been told about you.

I'm not good at eating Japanese food with chopsticks.

I haven't written any new poems in a long time.


Jiri wondered what Bud would say John.

You were born to be real, not to be perfect.

Years passed.

You raised me on fantastic stories.

This product was made in China.


It is of the utmost importance.

I had a very nice morning.

He is an economizer.

Vijay is always complaining about his wife's cooking.

I'm afraid I'm frigid.


At the first hint of trouble, Lord disappeared.

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You don't need to study today.

I want to buy a more expensive watch.

Everybody in the village knew him.

What's Miles's last name?

Pope Francis is the first Latin American pope.

I want you to have me.

Why should I do that?

I have no idea where we are.

Astronomers inferred the existence of a local supercluster.

How did you find out?

His new novel has become a best-seller.

We are studying in order to pass the STEP 2nd grade test.

I felt kind of awestruck.


Raanan is careful about what he eats and drinks.

He contributed a lot of money.

Everybody should be proud.


I forgot to tell Ronald about the picnic.

I've told you about it before.

I should be with them.

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The letter was written by her.

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I now represent Svante.

Are you okay? You look really sad.

Peter isn't my boyfriend.

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This is a farce.

Pierce has a lump on his head where he bumped it.

The house with the damaged roof has been repaired.

He is unable to manage his words.

Teresa began skating when he was thirteen years old.

It's easy for you.

In the cultures of certain peoples, a marked feeling of superiority has developed, so much so that it makes them capable of completely dehumanizing other peoples, to the point that that any kind of torture, rape, or mass murder seems acceptable to them.

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The road that leads to the hotel is narrow.

It looks like rain. We had better shut the windows.

We were probably in junior high the last time we went there together.

Sabrina is a ballerina.

This book is too expensive for me.

I feel down in the dumps today.

When I came home, I felt very hungry.

I think you're lost.

Keep her happy.


Human beings are powerless before nature.


I quit playing soccer.

I thought it was the right thing to do.

It took the best part of my holiday to finish it.

It's still obscure to me.

First, please take about 3 minutes to introduce yourself.

Students often find it very difficult to understand a lecture in a foreign language.

Juha likes to talk to strangers online.

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Men are going.

Who helped you?

Thank you very much if the shipment has already been made and please disregard this inquiry.

Casey is afraid of the dark.

You shouldn't have stopped so quickly.

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Hans immediately answered.


Those standing were all men.

You must not insist on going out alone so late at night.

Pat was stuck in Boston because of the snow storm.

I hate to be in the dark when all the rest of the world is in light.

I was coming home from some place at the end of the world, about three o'clock of a black winter morning, and my way lay through a part of town where there was literally nothing to be seen but lamps.

Trying is a good instructor.

That company is managed by my older brother.

There is no knowing which team will win.

The book is written in Spanish.

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Saeb has received international recognition for his translations into the Arabic language.


Soohong and Mehrdad have known each other since they were kids.

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Huashi looks unsatisfied.

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Ritchey had a feeling that Rajendra would be late.

Agatha likes games.

They admitted that they were wrong.

The gun hadn't been fired.

It may take many years.

Keisuke is taller than I.

You're pathetic.


They gave us very little trouble.


I'm teaching myself to tap dance.

"Linder, aren't you warm in long sleeves?" "I'd rather be like this than cold" "Really? Unbelievable."

I can make nothing of what you do or say.

Debbie wondered what Knapper was about to do.

Never leave.

You're free to leave.

Fat people generally sweat a lot.

The area is built up now.

I've got nothing against you.

He cannot be an artist.

I tried to be calm, but finally I lost my temper.


I'd like to talk to you some more.

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You're a terrific guy, Cole.


How many litres of petrol does it take to fill your car?

He realizes that public officials are human, and that as human beings they are capable of misjudgement.

He has more money than can be spent.

I think everybody's happy.

Armed with assault rifles, they took more than thirty hostages.