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All About Our Phone Sex Bears

Bear Phone sex is perhaps the hottest type of gay phone sex you can imagine. A bear is typically considered a masculine gay or bisexual male who is hairy and large in frame. Many gay and bisexual men find bears increasingly sexy and a lot of fun to bring into the bedroom. These hairy studs are usually packing a huge cock and are more than eager to use it.

If you’ve never tried bear phone sex, you will be surprised to enjoy it if you are attracted to hairy and masculine men. Our bears are built and always ready to get it on. They love to talk about mutual masturbation, being the top in some sweaty sex, or just pulling over on the side of the road for some oral action. Bears phone sex is highly erotic and just imagining this big stud of a man deep inside of you must really get you excited.

Many bears like to wear leather and even assless chaps. Imagine your bear stud walking down the street with leather pants with his ass cheeks hanging out. Many of our bear phone sex studs will be wearing kinky outfits and even assless chaps when you call them on the phone. Tell your bear to smack his ass, and he will be more than happy to do it for you - although he might want to smack your ass more.

The awesome thing about calling for bear phone sex is that our guys are very open minded. Gay bears are accepting of everyone and they are typically attracted to all types of gay men. They like twinks, bears like themselves, and bisexual men who just want to try something new. They love to roleplay and be your hairy strong man fantasy come true to life.

So give our bear phone sex guys a call. Our hairy studs will turn you on and definitely get you off. They are available 24/7 and always ready for a hot and sweaty time. Don’t be shy, get it on with a hairy stud! He won’t let you down - but he will get you hard.

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How to Call for
Bear Phone Sex:

When you call the bear phone sex line, you'll first hear a short recorded message that tells you about our service. Then, you'll be asked to enter your credit card number, or to press "1" to pay by check.

One of our receptionists will then confirm your payment information, and then will ask for details about the type of bear phone sex call you'd like to have.

Don't be shy - our receptionists are phone sex experts, and they'll be able to connect you to the right bear for your phone sex fantasies. Remember, anything goes!

It's easy and fun - and there's nothing to worry about. Everything is private and discreet. We just want to make sure that you're satisfied with your bear phone sex call.

Interested in a call with two bears at once? Something involving leather, bondage, smoking or another special interest? No problem at all. Just ask.