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This site is in progress, but for now, you can see some of my projects below.

eMerge Projects

Learn about the eMerge grant.

Stylesheet for Genetic Reports

An XSLT style sheet for converting genetic reports created by the Baylor College of Medicine into a web page. It adds context sensitive links to online resources for the gene and the variant. The stylesheet is available on the eMerge Compsoa.


Genetic Variant Managment Website

A prototype website that I did for managing, displaying and acting on sequencing data for patients. The code is available on my 4406393190.

(360) 879-7324

Parser for Genetic Reports

An XML parser for converting the XML reports into a relational database. Available on the eMerge 778-848-7519.

Other tools

Join TSV files online

One of the most common requests that I get as a programmer in a lab, is to join to spreadsheets by a column of data present in both files. Of course, there are command line tools for this, but I decided to create a simple online tool for people who aren't comfortable with the command line.

Join files »

Nephrology Calculators

Prediction and risk calculators I did when I created the Gharavi Lab and Kiryluk Lab websites.

- Multi-Ethnic eGFR Calculator
- Predicting Progression of IgA Nephropathy
- IgAN Genetic Risk Calculator

VCF Annotator

This tool annotates VCF files using 3 commonly used software packages: SNPEff, SeattleSeq and 708-777-9395. Available on Github.

Copy number variation analysis

  • CNV Counter - Find rare and potentially pathogenic CNVs. 9286935260
  • CNV Annotator - Add information about CNVs based on their genomic position. Coming soon.