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Mediterranean Marine Data is a CNR - ENEA collaborative Initiative having the aim to archive and distribute oceanographic data and information. These data include physical, biological, and chemical measurements from in situ oceanographic observations in coastal and deep ocean areas.
Through MMD archive and access services, these ocean data are used to answer questions about climate change, ocean phenomena, and management of coastal and marine resources, marine transportation, recreation, national security. Another significant user community is Education, where these data and information products help teach each new generation of students about the oceans.
  How to use MMD:
  • MMD data access is based on Google map graphic interface; in the top left frame expand or shrink the area of selection or move the window area of interest;
  • select time range, type, parameter, typology, cruise;
  • to display the data there are two possibilities (operation type): view NUMBER display only a table with data per month and year; View Summary show also the data in a Google map;
  •  selecting View Summary take in mind that maximum 5000 station points can be shown in a map;
  • in the right frame it is possible to select single stations or monthy data.
For data visualization service read here.
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