We hope that you're ready.

They died in battle.

She gave me a wonderful present.

That a boy!

Dani had a battery of tests after suffering a number of dizzy spells.

You said you wanted to show us something.

The house shows signs of neglect.

Are you really going to skip school tomorrow?

Are you familiar with that person?

Just leave it on my desk.

Young animals adapt quickly to a new environment.

"I do not regret having gone into the forest and up the mountain," replied the younger brother.

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I'm not in a position to give you advice.


I'm not free.

The injured person wailed with pain after recovering from the anaesthesia.

Poor eyesight is a handicap to a sportsman.

Simon's mother kept his graduation picture on the mantel.

I don't care about being cool.


She went travelling with her friend.

Terri looked around the room, but couldn't see Vishal.

Marcos and I were busy.

I would rather die than marry him.

I told them to stay indoors.

We'll be talking to them today.

Since her husband's death, she has been living alone.

I promise you I'll come early.

I'm not talking about Vaughn.

You may not have to go.

I'm not famous yet.

I'd like you to tell me if there are any mistakes in this sentence.

She didn't intend to let him drive.

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We carried out the captain's order to the letter.

I sat watching a baseball game on TV.

His cigarette burnt a hole in her dress.

Galen doesn't like it when Christian criticizes him in public.

This test is important.

I will study German.

We know the value of good health when we are sick.


Marie was moving forward.

Basho was the greatest poet.

I don't understand English, let alone German.

Lynnette soon realized that no one was paying any attention to him.

Saqib is wearing an expensive watch.


In front of the train station there's a bank.

Seenu has another problem as well.

I am going to see the doctor this afternoon.

The snow was very deep.

What do I do till then?

If necessary, I have no objection to paying a special fee.

Kate's father walks home from the station.


I do need you.

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Tell your friends what you're up to.

What's the matter, Randal? You can talk to me if you want.

Beckie, this is Mario's brother John.

I think you've been infected.

As incredible as it may seem, she ordered a knuckle of ham with sauerkraut.

Milner used to play tennis every Monday afternoon.

Hold your position.

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I'm going to hang out with him.

Lucy is an American.

I don't have anything to write with.


I owe Manolis money.

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I know better than to lend him money.

Part played the part of Hamlet.

I lost my way in Boston.

Saumya is the reason I'm here today.

Why don't you just try one?

It could take hours.

It's time for me to be on my way.

He contributed fifty dollars to the project.

We thought you knew.


The policemen wore gas masks and helmets.


Hazel said he didn't have anything to say.

A book is lying on the desk.

They hate Halloween.

I guess he really loves me.

They say never wake a sleepwalker.

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He's crazy about soccer.

I spent three months in Australia.

Edmund was hit by a car.

All of a sudden, she spoke out.

Revised didn't do it, did he?

Animals act in a better manner than wicked humans.

You sound happy about it.

Are you lying to me?

I experienced a pain in my leg.

When will his train to Kyoto arrive?

That was inappropriate.


Seth was already in the classroom when I got there.

I need this job.

This rule is often ignored.

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I don't see how Norm can stay up all night and then be so wide awake at work.


I want it to happen.

You have better sight than me.

The villagers thought him very generous.

Are you afraid of any emotions?

They looked really happy.

This is the house where the famous novelist was born.

She told the children an interesting story.


This beef is tender.

This district is free from environmental pollution.

I was amazed at the fluency with which the boy spoke French.


I am an Earthling.

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Hey, Ayako, make your voice louder.

I appreciate what you've done for me.

You'll get another chance.

The plane landed safely.

Henry was caught in a stolen car.


No, I won't say anything.

Elsa now lives near Boston.

I heard the news about them.


She was delicate from birth.

It's been a slow day.

Mikey thinks I stole the money.

You're an extraordinary woman.

Do you get me?

Spike needs to sort it out himself.

I'm putting a band together. Would you like to join it?

A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.

How long did you wait to see the doctor?

We managed to make him understand it.

Because he is there.

Bush doesn't know what's going on in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo.

Elvis speaks English with a French accent.

Don't say anything to anybody about what I told you.

The undertaking was a failure from the beginning.

Vern is the one who was here yesterday.

What are your sources of information?


We got on like a house on fire.

She derives her character from her mother.

Molly brushed the snow off his clothes.

I'll soon register for a course in German.

Hwa falls asleep as soon as he gets into bed.

I'd like to keep expenses down.

She'll return home tomorrow.

If Sue is coming by air, she ought to arrive very soon.

Can you tie a bow?

His room was covered with dust.

Please speak more loudly.


I can understand everything he is saying.

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I went out with Tarmi.

I think that's the point.

He called on me at night.

Ping looked at the half-open door and wondered what was on the other side.

Sorrel told me he needed some time to himself.


I am very surprised that she became a Diet member.

I am trying to sell my farm, but I haven't had any offers so far.

Did you speak?

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This is an unprecedented gesture.

This was created by Christian.

My son became able to count to 100.

Kirk has his heart in the right place.

I can show you how to do that.

Suddenly, it became noisy.

We are humans and we are from Earth.


The burglars broke into the bank at night.

I also like writing.

I want to show you something in the office.

Manny keeps hanging up on me.

It seemed to me that there was no way out of our difficulty.

I thought that if we lined up benches in the garden as well, we could achieve quite a seating capacity.

He leaned towards me.

That dog looks very wasted.

I got here just a few minutes before you did.

Maarten is diligent.

Why didn't you say something to Marcia?

It's possible that the airplane won't be able to fly due to the storm.

They captured Fort Sumter after two days.


Oh my god, it's delicious!

We weren't paying attention.

I'm getting too old for this job.