The plane rose sharply before leveling off as it left the coast.

I wanted to make sure you told them that.

Nathan threw her husband's clothes in the fire.

We all hated him.

Am I the only one here who thinks this room is too hot?


A cunt remains a cunt!

She said that they were good friends of hers.

Access to the mountaintop is difficult.

He is a cheerful boy.

Nobody has made a decision yet.

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I want to learn Hebrew.

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Sharada was untidy.

You have to learn standard English.

I know what you told us.

Who touched my gun?

This is a post office, and that's a bank.

There is no use in asking him for assistance.

Do you remember your license plate number?

Bobby is being held hostage.

I envy you your success.

I'm getting little pimples on my face. I wonder if I've been getting enough sleep lately.

I'm a womaniser.


I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.

Nobody cares how much the dinner is going to cost.

I think that's what Sanjeev was trying to tell me.


They met Julianto here yesterday.

Bobby refused to answer Mark's questions.

Don't get me started.

Did you do it?

The end of the world is very near!

How much time do you actually spend thinking about the future?

Syd's the one with all the secrets, right?

Liyuan thought you said yes.

List grew up around here.

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My friend doesn't use sugar.

I'm afraid this sounds like a demand, but could you return the money I lent you the other day?

Well, it's just like the proverb "fine feathers make a fine bird". You look really good when you wear a suit.

He stared at him intensely, the gaze not faltering for a moment as the words were gracefully thrown at him.

What did you need this for?


She seems to devote all her efforts to her career.


He paid an eternal life for each one of us.

We'll just have to ask Ginny to do it for us, won't we?

A variety of books are displayed there.

And soon your luck will turn for the better.

I know he will only continue disappointing me, but I can't help loving him.

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Marek looked surprised, as well.

Sharada walked in.

This is the best way.

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They have been here since 1989.

What's your intent?

Vicki saw both Jeffie and John getting out of their cars.


Kiki is a complete idiot.

I'm an assistant.

I want to live in a town.

We went as far as Kyoto.

I want this room cleaned.


This one's on us, Jianyun.

Lanny often goes to school by bicycle.

I think that he won't come.

Why are you so good at explaining things?

I appreciate your support.

Neil asked Vincenzo not to leave.

The image does not match reality.

Uther Pendragon was the father of King Arthur.

Who is younger, he or I?

I'm not mistaken.

Do you know how to drive a car?

Bernard couldn't see Shatter.

Here's the best part.

They're already gone.

I am interested in books.


Leith loves sports events.

If you want we can use English.

Show me more.


Do you see the girl's mum?


I'm going to go join them.

Morton stopped working.

I want to live like that.

Am I doing something wrong?

I'm in Papua New Guinea.

You are to pay your debt.

Take a look at the FAQ before you call tech support.

Please take this medicine if you catch a cold.

A wise son maketh a glad father: but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother.

I knew Suzanne was here.

I always say that.


I have to go talk to her.

I appreciate any assistance you can offer.

Can't they speak Italian?

I've never seen a pearl of such magnitude!

The word order needs to be changed.

They're all dying.

Boys always promise that when they want something.

Be the kindhearted man you always were.

It's raining in my heart.


Neville wants a better percentage of the profits.


Luke wonders if it's true.

The man who I thought was my friend deceived me.

The weather being fine, we went on a picnic.


I do not have an account in these forums.

It is not length of life, but depth of life.

Whenever I hear that song, I think of a certain girl.

You're conscientious.

Shakil is trying very hard to be casual.


She doesn't care how she dresses.

Esperanto is the easiest language to learn, but it's not an easy language.

I found Kristian.

I request that your brothers be good and diligent.

No one has told Santa what he has to do.

Are there any ATMs around here?

I have little money with me.

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I recommend that you should buy a learner's dictionary.

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He always got in a fight with his mother in the movie.

Don't say I didn't warn.

All at once, I heard a cry.

We know our rights.

Are you still angry with me?

Hell awaits you.

Are you going to vote for her?

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I washed my hands of the whole business.

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It's Philip's turn to wash the dishes.

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How're you doing at home?


Please, don't be concerned about it. It's just a formality.

Won't that be fun?


I have some things to say.

She easily flames up.

I never found out where Larry lives.

What he said is capable of several interpretations.


It is not you but he that is to blame.

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Jim kicked the ball very hard.

The defense appealed the verdict.

He is rather optimistic.

Your windshield wipers need to be replaced.

She won first prize in the speech contest.


Revised meant what he said.

Kathy held up his wine glass for a toast.

They're all high school students.

Would you please replace the broken one promptly?

My father loves us.


We're still working hard.

I cannot make such a mistake. Russian is my native tongue.

I have completely got over the disease.

Isn't it about time to go home?

He has much more money than I have.

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Do you really think you need one of those?

Would you put on the air conditioning?

I keep a cat and a dog.

I usually go to school by bicycle.

I'm in ecstasy.


Panacea told Dawn that she had the prettiest eyes he'd ever seen.

The press besieged the minister with questions.

She came off sailing across the Pacific.


I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions.

Annard works as a waitress at a restaurant on Park Street.

Did you have any problems getting here?

Please give me one more shot.

I'm going to try to get back to sleep.

I teamed up with Brendon for the doubles tournament.

Where are you guys heading now?


Your plan sounds good, but the bottom line is: will it bring us more business?

Are you one of the cheerleaders?

Dan paid up all his gambling debts.

Her tears and her prayers echoed through the dark void that surrounded the tormented captive soul.

Even though Mahesh is sick, he's swimming again today.