This new project in Java doesn't concern me at all, because I'm a PHP developer.

Destroying things is much easier than making them.

He is the very image of his father.

There is insufficient light to take pictures.


Would you be kind enough to write?

Do you know the difference between silver and tin?

Switzerland is called "Suisse" in French.

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Who did you have in mind when you made those remarks?

Let's get in the house.

I felt sympathy for Sonny.

That reminds me of Josh.

I've got to get her to help.

When Shahid finds out what happened, he won't be happy.

Case only loved Tai for money.

She was a medical student.

His speech had more and more power as it went along.

I'll take anything I can get.

If she had had any inhibitions, they were gone by the third shot of ouzo.


That would be terrific.

I don't know what to do now.

Yep, I understand. Thanks a bunch.

Ann's voice cracked on a high note.

Who wants to come with me?


You will lose weight.

Dennis finished doing his homework an hour ago.

Peggy walked home.

You will have studied English for four years next March.

Hold the eggs tight or you'll break them.

Cathrin got into the driver's seat and started the car.

I'll find her myself.

Could you help me?

I only just left him.


The students could not answer.

He often attributes his failures to bad luck.

Actually, tomorrow's a little busy.

I really want to help them.

Well, I'm not surprised.


There are many log cabins in these mountains.


I've never seen so much blood.


The band is still together.

She was put in charge of the project, despite having zero leadership skills.

Play me some Chopin.

Let's go wake them up.

Let's order two bottles.


This city has a bike-sharing service.

You know where I live.

It is very wet.

He looked up the word in the dictionary.

The mountain attracts many climbers.

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I have a pain in the shoulder.

Banks refused to lend money to Japanese-Americans.

Suzan stopped to talk to Mario.


If you do that to him, he will cut your throat.

I've been looking for it all morning.

It is certain that he didn't go out that day.


Marilyn took out his wallet to pay the bill.


Don't go near Andries.

He can't read it.

When viewed in an inertial reference frame, an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a net force.

The first good rain storm will wash it away.

You know how crazy they are over their little bundle of joy.


It was dark when he came in.

Casualties are said to total up to 1,000.

I am not your father.

That crazy squirrel belongs in a nuthouse!

Men go and come, but earth abides.

That's very optimistic of you.

They devised a scheme to make money with little effort.

I congratulated him on the birth of his son.

Could you lend them fifty euros?

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I hope nothing happened to her.

Perhaps I will be a doctor and if yes I will help cure sick people.

I didn't mean to make Annie cry.

I recommend that you read that novel.

I mistook her for her sister. They look so much alike.

Hector has been unlucky, hasn't he?

He used all his wealth for the benefit of the poor.

Anton lives alone in an apartment.

It is abnormal to have the heart on the right side.

The statue shows Lincoln with one fist clenched and the other relaxed.

You were amazing.

Frustrated of not being the exclusive object of her desires anymore, Alain relegated Deborah.

The bomb is armed.

Stewart decided to quit his job.

We cannot depend on this report.


Children play in the yard.


It was stupid of me to make such a mistake.

Is the ice thick enough for skating?

I'm still miles off becoming a doctor.

I came to talk to her.

I don't want to scare you.

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Was there anybody else besides you?

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I quench my thirst with a cold glass of water.

It's because you're a guy.

They built a bridge across the river.

You need our help.

Dadaab is a refugee camp in Kenya.

You must be careful not to make him angry.

A friend's coming over tomorrow.

I know you can't get away with this.

What about girls?

Strange to say, the teacher didn't scold me.

The road parallels the river for a few miles.

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Why don't you get this one?

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How do magnets work?

There is no time to explain.

He had three sisters, but two died when they were very young.

I'm sorry. I know I overreacted.

I've never said that before.

I know I can do more.

I have to stay with the bus.


You may as well not do it at all than do it imperfectly.


An eclipse of the moon is a rare phenomenon.

My father listens to classical music.

Did everything go well?

You are coming home late, right?

Our resident squirrel eats all our camellias.

Your order has been dispatched.

I must find a way to earn a lot of money.


I have an appointment to dine with him.

There is no foreign land; it is the traveller only that is foreign.

He said to her under his breath.

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Your name's Thad, isn't it?

Can't you get in without lining up because you know the bouncer?

I spread the big map on the table.

I'll be at home tonight.

Where's your sister?


He can sense the ghosts of the past.

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You can't leave him behind.

Let them go.

Do you have any family member who knows German?

I speak Japanese a little, but I'm not good at it, yet.

It was the wrong thing to do.

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Venezuelans speak with a very musical cadence.

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Let us know if you're available next week.

You've got to be certain.

You shouldn't eat any fish that come from this river.

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That's all you need to tell me.

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.

He crossed the Pacific Ocean in a sailboat.

The girl went to school in spite of her illness.

Helen was shot while robbing a convenience store.

Don't run.

The bags were piled up behind him.

May I put it down here?

Douglas died in the earthquake.

He reads a good deal.

I'm leaving that up to you.


I could sure use that reward money.

Hui used to be obsessive.

He received more than six million votes.

She has traveled in foreign countries.

You never told me we had a meeting today.

Diana can't walk any more.

I have no choice but to take the red-eye back to New York.

Madrid is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe.

She is proud of never having been late for school.

I couldn't care less about what Duane thinks.

Spoon egg white mixture onto prepared baking sheet; spread out into a 2-inch high by 6-inch wide disc.

It is doubtful whether this machine works well or not.

What a bunch of malarkey!

It seems that he is telling a lie.

I'll be right back.

I will study English at home.

Edmund is a limo driver.


He's my senior by two years.

All the boys spoke, each in turn.

I guess we could do that.