You can't see me, can you?

Climate change will, absent other changes, amplify some of the existing health threats the Nation now faces. Certain people and communities are especially vulnerable, including children, the elderly, the sick, the poor, and some communities of color.

Ken is waiting for the train to come.

I've got a very bad feeling about this.

Whose are they?

I'm here to rescue him.

Piet has apparently not yet paid his rent.

The weather today is wonderful.

Edgar isn't really sick. He's just pretending to be.

We've got to tell everyone what happened out here.

I'm just feeling down.

Address the matters, and not the people involved.

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I would like to live in luxury.

This bed is not comfortable.

They are from Italy.

When was the last time you swept the yard?

The idea seemed absurd at first.

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Alarming news came from the suburbs.

Alberto was found dead in an alley.

My thoughts are stuck in the web of the streets of Lviv.

Erik and his family live in a small farm house not too far from here.

May I have your room number?

I don't recognize any of these names.

From the moment that I met her, I hated her.

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Press the green button. If you do so, the light will go on.


Rod got Ralph to scratch the part of his back he couldn't reach.


I don't think this is for you.

Let's meet the day after tomorrow.

Stuart, you traitor!

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His rude reply provoked her to slap him on the face.

I don't believe just anyone.

What! You had donkeys in your school?

Harvey isn't photogenic.

They eat.


Completely surrounded by our troops, the enemy finally surrendered to us.

Dan carried the bag on his shoulder.

Are you feeling under the weather?

This loaf of bread is big.

It looked like no one could stop President Reagan.

It was eighty meters long.

Every guy can say "although I'm not the greatest man in the world, I am the man who is best to you."

I've seen them.

I should have paid a little more attention.

He made sure nobody could see him.

To tell the truth, I forgot all about your questions.

He is an utter stranger to me.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Eric seems to not like you very much.

Marrakesh is hotter than Paris.


Jiri is a very demanding girlfriend.

Don't make me wait.

What could Sally be doing there?

He teaches English to his friend.

Linguistic competence is inborn, not acquired.

I doubt it was Deirdre who did this.

He sits in comfort and reads rapidly.

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If you want to become big and strong when you grow up, you have to eat a lot of spinach and peanut butter sandwiches.

That doesn't smell like something I'd want to eat.

Louiqa wouldn't let Jill do that.

When was the last time you baked a cake?

They cut down the tree.

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Andrea needs a push.

We have the most money.

Liza won't admit it, but he's in big trouble.


How does he do this?

I glanced at my watch.

Oysters are in season now.

His poor dog is still alive.

Many people died when a large South Korean ferry sank.

I know that everything I need is here.

My father may be sleeping.


The price of oil is down this week.

Can you stay and watch the children?

It's not for everyone.

He lives according to the law of the Lord.

Randy closed her eyes and began to count squirrels.

I've been trying to find something to eat.

They aren't dead.

I could go to jail.

Go there yourself if you like, but I want no part of it.

I live in a city, but my parents lived in a village.

You always made my decisions for me.

I've already read this report.

Space sowed wheat in his field.

He hurried to the station.

They remained friends.


Do you remember a guy named Nhan?

Chris has no intention of going there by himself.

His answer is not altogether satisfactory to us.

Pollution is bringing devastating consequences for the regional ecosystem.

I haven't heard a word from him as yet.


I have an emergency here.

A gentleman would not spit on the street.

Ping is a little skeptical.

The only sport Suzanne is any good at is tennis.

The airport is close by.

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Hein can take a couple of weeks off if he needs to.

I very nearly had a heart attack and died.

Her clarinet squeaked, and the entire audience laughed.

He's dead?

Are they still angry?

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Sriram died a few weeks ago.

They both lived in Boston.

Huey's dress is drying in the sun.

Does the president expect to even have a second term?

Brand desirability among girls age 7-13 increased fivefold after the marketing department changed the company mascot to a talking pony.

Christofer, you would make a great father.

Do you really think so?

The financial crisis has left many unemployed.

The train derailed due to a faulty switch.

The teacher is unfriendly.

You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

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You seem to like fruit.

She attacked the enemy.

Milner became an officer.

I was dreaming about them.

We've known each other for so many years.

Will you stop talking?

I can't break this code.

There's also the initiation ritual.

What's taking them so long?


I am used to staying up late at night.

Do you really want to quit school?

OK, take it.

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I am never going to settle down in one place.

There's no harm done.

Scott never got the chance to do that.

He was roused by a loud knocking at the door.

It's a secret.

The yin is feminine and the yang is masculine.

We could order a pizza or something.


New York City has five boroughs.


Call them this evening.

Students never really study seriously until just before the exams.

Why are you wearing sunglasses at night?

It's said that she loves him.

I recognized my former music professor at the party.

Lots of herons live in the marsh.

Marek missed the last train and had to take a taxi home.

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Death is just a gate: when it shuts, another opens.

She repulses him.

Mwa phoned his lawyer.


I never wanted Caroline here.


Who can predict what will happen in the future?

Are you up to any shenanigans tonight, or are you having a quiet one?

In the morning he too was found dead.

Jiro communicates with his pen pal in Australia.

The sky was filled with stars.

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It seems you are not taking me seriously.

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The project is now in progress.

Stop worrying about what happened to Vinod.

This is an extremely important point.

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If you go around eight, you might meet him.


He didn't go and I didn't either.


The man behind them plays the piano.

I saw my mother hiding the cake.

Halloumi is a salty cheese that can be fried or grilled.

Leaves collect on the sidewalk in the fall.

Irving just offered to take care of you.

I'm surprised to see you again.

A breech birth means that the baby is born buttocks or feet first.

If you are in Paris, you can visit the Louvre.

Stick with me until we get out of the crowd.

It's hard to love somebody when you don't know whether they love you as much as you love them.

Cats like fish more than they like meat.

You'll need a photograph of yourself for identification.

You have done what you needed to do.

I found a dinosaur fossil in my garden.

He is my first cousin once removed.

When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.

This air conditioner consumes a lot of electricity.