Framework for Action Consultation

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Australia's National Digital Health Strategy - Safe, Seamless and Secure - outlines a vision for 2022 focused on an evidence base of benefits prioritising national-level digital health activity which will result in:

  • Hospital admissions avoided
  • Fewer adverse drug events
  • Reduced duplication of medical tests
  • Better coordination of care for people with chronic and complex conditions, and
  • Better informed treatment decisions.

Achievement of the outcomes in the Strategy will depend on continued co-production with patients, consumers and carers – and the governments, healthcare professionals, organisations and industry innovators who serve them. That’s why the Agency is working closely with organisations representing these groups on the development of the Framework for Action – the implementation plan for delivery of the outcomes of the Strategy’s seven key priority areas.

The Framework for Action will outline the key activities prioritised for delivery between 2018 and 2022 that are necessary to implementing Safe, Seamless and Secure and realising the benefits of digitally enabled health and care. It will be a living document that is regularly updated to reflect the continuing progress on the Strategy’s outcomes. The purpose of the Framework for Action will be to:

  • Articulate the activities required to deliver on the Strategy’s outcomes, and the roles participants in the digital health eco-system will need to play in order to deliver them;
  • Promote collaboration and information sharing and provide a holistic view of the various investments and projects underway; and
  • Be a guide for organisations that are recalibrating their strategies or forward work programs to align to national strategic priorities.


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