What a novel idea!

You need to get help.

Can we do it this week?

You must stop.


Sherri will be so excited.

People say that life is short.

This study is my father's study.

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He is a novelist and artist.

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Bucky looks stuck.


You can't hurt Suresh.

Please take me away from here!

A shameless liar speaks smilingly.

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The Tokaido line terminates at Tokyo.

You can come to visit me, provided that you promise me you'll behave.

When Kate played a minor part in a movie, her acting was criticized.

We visited the castles of the Loire.

If you need me, call.

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Keep him from eating too much.

The prices remain as they were.

Marsh didn't want to make any assumptions.

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This is permanent.


I don't think anyone can understand self-harm, unless they do it themselves.

I'm not telling you my phone number.

Sooner or later, I'll probably get tired of doing this.

I let Guillermo know that I wasn't happy with the way he was behaving.

It's not that I don't want to go, I can't afford to.

The politician proposed reforms to Congress.

They went to America last month.

Darren and Tad became best friends.

The Mexican government had grown even weaker.

Could you please tell Jim to come to my office?

It's raining?

Look at my ad in the upper right hand corner.

I have the information you wanted.

I don't forgive you.

What exactly was Hamilton trying to say?

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I'm not mad at her.

Why is the parking lot so slippery?

I came out really badly in this photo.

There's great danger.

Huashi told me you had a cold.

Darryl rushed over to the window and looked out.

What's not clear?

I can't stand this stomach-ache.

I'm surprised that he accepted the offer.

The royal jewels are kept under lock and key.

My father objected to my traveling alone.


Ray is completely bald.


It's badly broken.

Siegurd and Heidi still liked each other.

She buys us shoes.

Am I waiting in the wrong place?

Rudolf didn't look as excited as Taurus.

He is too tired to go any farther.

Elsa didn't get up early this morning.


Are you full?

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I should've kissed you when I had the chance.


The universe as we know it is a joint product of the observer and the observed.


Harold began to get very tired.

Is this fish still alive?

Admission to students only.

We took part in the assembly.

Would you like a dog?

Vincenzo asked if anyone had seen Barton.

She became an actress the following year.


You are in over your head.


Kiki didn't even have the decency to ask me first.

I have some pens.

He asked me to leave the room.


My husband and I will travel to Versailles in the spring to watch an opera.


I'm surprised The's still alive. I thought he would've drunk himself to death years ago.

Spock took his children to the zoo.

Can I get ready for school?

Do you think their wages ought to be raised?

The film had a great beginning, but the ending wasn't believable.

Izumi didn't expect the meeting to last so long.

We must complete the bond by the end of this year.

My dog didn't do that.

Thanks for giving this issue the attention it deserves.

His name is known to everyone in this town.

I'm not sure there's a problem.

I spent all the money I had to buy the book.

Such plant can be found in Brazil only.

I admit I'm wrong.

Nothing was to be heard except the sound of the waves.

We all made preparation for the meeting.

I'm just saying it's possible.


He was a painter, as I knew from his appearance.


The painting is all but finished.

I'll need to download it.

I'd like to ask you about a patient you treated.

Ira washed all the towels.

I was welcomed whenever I visited him.

What were you doing with her, anyway?

You look beautiful to me.


Pratap and Greg danced together.


I've never seen him so busy.


All my friends call me Scott.

Didn't you notice us going out of the room?

We couldn't go out because of the storm.

We can't afford to wait any longer.

Nobody listens until you say something wrong.

What did you do to yourself?

It's never too late to say no.

I didn't send for them.

People listen to Martin.


Behold! The beauty of the seasons.

We need your help.

I'll try to pop in later.

There are only two paths out from this house.

Last night, Mizuki was completely drunk and she was walking along the lake, and then she fell in the water.

Our feud traces back to our childhood.

It's mustard after the meal.

I'm grateful to you for your help.

You have a good memory.

I called off my wedding.

Sorrel borrowed my bike.

What do you know about love?

Roy said that he bought an old car.

The powder is soluble in water.

I gave my hat a brush.

Ssi has an evil twin brother.

Let's worry about something that matters.

She lives in London.

No doubt she will come soon.


I'm really glad to hear it.

It's not worth worrying about it.

Robert returned the book to the library.


We're sinking.

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It's easy for a slut to go from guy to another.


I get the impression that this site is one big romance novel of which the protagonists are Jong and Lawrence.

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Jayant has denied the allegations.


My courage failed me at the crucial moment.


The privacy of people is a joke.

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Juha keeps the books.


She stopped it.

I can't take this on, because I already have enough problems to solve.

France's Antoine Griezmann was named as the player of the tournament.

He was a general in WWII.

It is impossible to catch up with the fast runner.


What kind of talk is that?


We'd better get started.

He hated his own kind.

Sharon is having lunch.

Why should we trust you?

With whom do I have the honor?

I fully support your proposal.

How's your boy doing?

Kristian followed them.

I didn't mean to wake you.

You'd better leave.

You'll have to proportion your expenditure to your income.


What's this noise?

I was curious to see evidence of this.

She has been investing her energy in helping the poor in that area.

In Papua New Guinea, there are 850 different languages spoken by Papuans.

My room number is 5.

I already gave them your number.

I pretended not to hear.

Heinrich was excited about that.

That soil is rich in humus.


No one saw her when she left.