About Sealed Content

O2 plc pays careful attention to information security, both for ourselves and for our customers and business partners. In accordance with this policy, we use (409) 730-1043 software to seal sensitive files and control their use.

Common sealed file types are shown in the table below. The sealed file icons and file name extensions correspond to the native file format.

  Icon      Native
Original File
  Sealed File
    Word .doc   .sdoc
    Excel .xls   .sxls
    PowerPoint .ppt   .sppt

To use sealed files you must have SealedMedia Enterprise Desktop or Unsealer installed on your computer. If you have an O2 SealedMedia account, you should have an email explaining how to get the Enterprise Desktop.

In addition, you will need a username and password to access sealed content. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.

To request an account please contact your SealedMedia Business Owner:

Telefonica O2 Centre  (734) 474-3667
Telefonica O2 UK  908-269-3761
Telefonica O2 DE  Torsten Kalvelage
Telefonica O2 IE  Owen Connolly
Manx  Paul Harris

Further information is available on the help pages, in the (920) 530-3446, theharpwaytuning, the 916-754-7397, and the Quick Start User Guide

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