Wow your clients.
Every transaction.

Your AI companion.
Your service at scale.

Build lasting client
Scale your business.

AI Powered.
Service Inspired.

A digital assistant to proactively manage the transaction process for today’s real estate agents. Leave the robotic work to us and focus on building lasting business relationships.

Effortless control. Tailored for you.


Our platform provides agents with administrative and logistical support to ensure every transaction is delightfully smooth.

Dynamic Calendar

  • Listing Prep?
  • Marketing?
  • Transaction?

Demistify timelines with Clozio

Real-time Status

Live, interactive to-do lists, personalized for each stakeholder (agents, consumers, escrow officers, inspectors, photographers, etc.).

Delegate with confidence

Administrative Support

  • Schedule Inspections?
  • Coordinate caterer?
  • Hand-written thank you note?

Robot and human intelligence to get your busy work done

Delivered through channels that stay with you, wherever you are!

At your desk?

Of course!
But it's no
longer required!

On the go?

Chat directly with
your app!

In your kitchen?

Just ask Amazon Alexa
or Google Home!

How Clozio Works

We build and maintain your transaction calendar, provide a central collaboration portal, AND work with your network to get your busy work done.

Yes: we schedule your appointments, write your thank you notes, and order your postcards (as well as everything else you can delegate from your personalized checklist)!

Without Clozio

With Clozio


We charge a small percent of the transaction, so we only make money when you make money!

Rates vary slightly by market.

Curious what this means for you? Just ask!

Our service is personalized around your service.


  • believe real estate transactions should be fun!
  • are energized by solving complex problems with elegant solutions.
  • understand the emotional, financial, and legal nuances of real estate transactions.
  • deliver high tech solutions to help busy professionals deliver high-touch service at scale.


  • For years I debated hiring a real estate assistant… someone to focus on the repetitive, administrative day-to-day tasks, so I can focus on the big ones and more importantly, put time into building my business. But I constantly talked myself out of it. Would I have to train someone? Would I have enough business to keep them busy? I’m also one of those people who’s always thought “it’s just easier to do it myself.” I knew if I wanted to take my business to the next level, I would need help. Clozio came as an amazing solution! Clozio seamlessly manages all my pre, during and post escrow tasks. Delegating tasks have allowed me to recover time, and Clozio does the job exactly as I request. Clozio is reliable, responsible and scalable. Clozio helps me keep everything on track, providing up-to-date to do lists and comprehensive visibility across transactions. There’s really no task too small — they’re claiming my sales on Zillow, sending hand-written thank you notes on my behalf, and publishing transaction calendars that I share with my clients! I can completely trust Clozio to represent my business professionally to my clients and colleagues. There is no better way to make more money in less hours!

    Daniella Estrada Magaña

    The Nest Group at J Rockcliff Realtors