What Business Owners Need To Know About Thriving In The Internet Age

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Do you feel left behind by social media? Are you using your email to generate revenue for your business?


Read this book first.


So you’re ready to take your business to the next level but you just don’t know where you can use the internet and your website to boost turnover. Or maybe you feel you don’t know enough about technology.  You probably are like the million or so other small business owners or entrepreneurs when it comes to technology and fear breaking something or not understanding it and, simply, being overwhelmed by the choices. Most of the time you just don’t see the relevance of Twitter or Facebook or YouTube.


Don’t go it alone. Twitter Me Dead gives you decades of knowledge and experience from author Andrew Thornberry, distilled and syphoned into a short manual for navigating the pitfalls of IT and the internet.


Packed with practical know how, easily digestible case studies and plenty of hard truths Twitter Me Dead is the handbook for small business owners and budding entrepreneurs who are waiting for their ideas for their business development to fully materialise.


What do you need to do next to take advantage of your website? What are my customers expecting from me in social media? Are you making use of Web 2.0 to develop relationships, communities and conversations?  Do I require external support? What will set my business model apart from the rest?


These questions and more are answered in Twitter Me Dead.


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