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Cosmetic Denistry O Fallon

Bad breath is caused by bacteria in your mouth that can be removed by brushing and flossing. You can wear clear aligners to straighten your teeth and nobody will see them but you. Making an appointment for a teeth cleaning is something you can do more than once a year. Years ago you might need to have a tooth pulled if it had a big cavity or lots of tooth decay. If you had dentures made years ago, you may want to have a new set made now.

Fluoride is put into drinking water to help build strong teeth in children. There are different kinds of dental bridges that can be placed in your mouth, depending on the need. Choosing the right pediatric dentist can make a big difference in whether your child will go to the dentist their entire life. Periodontal disease is more serious than gingivitis because it can affect your bones. Gum disease can be very painful and should be avoided by simply brushing and flossing and maybe even rinsing with a fluoride rinse.

It will generally take at least two visits to have dentures fitted. Once the plaque turns hard and you end up with tartar, it must be removed by a dental hygienist in our office. Invisalign braces can move your teeth gently into place with clear plastic aligners. No matter what your dental needs might be, we can handle them in our local dental office. Zoom is a whitening treatment used by dental offices to help brighten a smile.

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